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Let's consider the options available to each player at this stage of the game.

It looks like player one's best shot will involve unpocketing the cue ball (as per the rules) and shooting the purple-striped ball (12), in attempt to keep on the "near" side of the playing field. Player two might want to swing around behind the eight ball and give the purple solid (4) some business [seven years later, I notice that the blue solid (2) is in prime position for visiting the side pocket]. Both players are in an excellent position to check.

Other interesting strategums include but are not limited to:

Following a rolling cue ball that other player is about to hit; smack it out of the way one millisecond before they use it.

When left without a shot, shoot and pocket one of your balls. This is then unpocketed, and can be used as a cue ball.

The most important thing to remember about Speedpool2 is that it is a fluid game and nobody's going to sit back while you wiener around with your cue chalk. The game starts, you run around like a freak whooping and shouting, the game ends. Enjoy!