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Dot's Diner.

Dot's Diner [1] is a small metal diner located in Bisbee, Arizona. It was created by Valentine Manufacturing Incorporated [1 2] of Wichita, Kansas. This the same company that made the Welcome Diner located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dot's Diner exterior.

Dot's Diner exterior

We had a white picket fence like that around the yard next to the house I grew up in. I'd run my miniature die-cast racing cars along the top rail. That yard. Weeoooo. The stories.

Dot's Diner cabinets.

Dot's Diner cabinets

I like these cabinets.

Dot's Diner interior.

Dot's Diner interior

Dot's Diner floor.

Dot's Diner floor

This is the floor. This is where things end up if they fall.

Dot's Diner interior.

Dot's Diner interior 2

Dot's also sells mugs and t-shirts.

Dot's Diner manufacturing plate / serial number.

Dot's Diner manufacturing plate

Dot's Diner interior.

Dot's Diner interior 3

Dot's Diner Multimixer.

Dot's Diner Multimixer

Ray Kroc was sitting in his office one day picking his nose and he noticed that some mom-n'-pop hamburger joint had placed a ridiculously large order for Multimixers. Thus intrigued, Mr. Kroc thought to himself: "I wonder if the very next step I take will set into motion some horrible monster that will eventually destroy a nation."

Dot's Diner food.

Dot's Diner food

This is a sandwich I had. It was good. The fries are tasty.

Dot's Diner countertop.

dots Diner countertop

Dot's Diner pie.

Dot's Diner pie

Prices at Dot's Diner have been rock-solid for a year, at least where pies are concerned. In August of 2003, and in July of 2004, creme pie slices (banana, chocolate, coco-nut) cost $2.95, $13 for the whole pie. Fruit pies (in 2003: Bisbee berry, cherry, dutch apple, rhubarb) cost $2.25 for a slice, $9 for the whole pie.

The above pie is the coco-nut creme pie. It is a delicious pie.

There are also cookies, and pie-in-a-cup. No, really. Pie-in-a-cup. Look underneath the Multimixer.

Dot's Diner / Shady Dell.

Dot's Diner / Shady Dell

Dot's Diner sits right next to the Shady Dell [1], an RV park that features restored vintage trailers that you can sleep in for money. There is also a boat. To sleep in. More on this "later."