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Welcome Diner.

The Welcome Diner is a small metal diner located in Phoenix, Arizona. It was created by Valentine Manufacturing Incorporated [1 2] of Wichita, Kansas. This the same company that made Dot's Diner located in Bisbee, Arizona [1].

2005jul19: The new owners of The Welcome Diner contacted me and indicated that they "kept the same name but our menu is different and the atmosphere is different." Photos to follow, possibly. The phone number there is 602 495 1111.

Welcome Diner exterior.

Welcome Diner exterior

Welcome Diner exterior.

Welcome Diner exterior again

As with all Valentine diners, you sit on a stool -- most have nine or ten stools. The Welcome Diner closes at 3:30pm on Saturday (the menu, at the bottom of this page, reads "3:00pm").

Welcome Diner cabinets.

Welcome Diner countertop

I like these cabinets.

Welcome Diner countertop.

Welcome Diner countertop

If you would like a glass of water, you cannot have it (this reminds me of Olive Garden's H2NO program). You can, however, purchase a bottle of water for $1.75.

If you order the Seasoned & Grilled Vegetable Sandwich ($6.25), you will receive it on a paper plate. If you order the Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/Tomato and Basil ($5.25), that will be served to you in wax paper. Slid onto the counter in front of you without a plate. Someone else ordered the same thing and got the same wax paper action. It is a free service.

Welcome Diner menu.

Welcome Diner menu

I would like to come back for breakfast. I like pancakes. Also I would like to try the fritters, as long as they aren't served in wax paper. But as far as lunch, there really aren't a lot of options open for me -- since I don't, for the most part, eat meat. Your dining experience may vary. I'm pretty sure you like meat.