Note: this is an 'archived' page announcing SantaCon200 in New Orleans.

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Santarchy 2000 Update Page

09 Dec- The Schedule is up!

Book mark this page and check back often. I'll be doing near-daily updates.

It's happened in Los Angeles...


I love New Orleans, and now it's our turn!

If you know what Santarchy is all about, I'm sure you'll agree. If the term is new to you, check out

What's santarchy (aka Santa Rampage, SantaCon), you ask?

In a nutshell, it's simple, slightly perverse, & fun. A large group of people dressed as Santas (or elves) travels around the city on a pre-arranged schedule, drinking, handing out naughty/nice 'gifts', singing naughty carols and generally confusing/taunting the general public with our very presence. Good mean fun! Shake up the squares a little bit. Poke a little fun at the mass-marketed consumer-fest that
is Christmas these days, and hang out with a mob of like-minded kooks. Don't get no gooder'n that.

Currently, it looks like New Olreans will unwittingly host its first Santarchy on December 16, 2000.

Dr. Cliff is making the arrangements right now, as you read this, hoping to score happy-hour prices for those in costume. Check back often for updates and eventually the night's schedule itself.

What can you do?

Damn good question, thanks for asking.

You can get your ass into a
cheap Santa suit and join the fun! Also, you can tell everyone you know in New Olreans to participate as well. More people = more fun. Send email linking to this page, go to newsgroups, spread the WORD, chirren!

Check here for ideas to inspire you.

Contact Dr. Cliff if you can help out with the planning efforts, or if you have any suggestions for the schedule, or for any other reason, or for no reason at all. Just do SOMETHING.

Update 02 Dec 2000- 14 days til SantaCon 2000! So far, the best place to get a cheap santa suit is WalMart, for $27. Do it NOW!

Update 04 Dec 2000- 12 days and counting! Subscribe to a special SantaCon mail group to toss ideas around and hook up with fellow SantaConners [update: you will not do this at all]

Tentative plan so far-

Afternoon- (the NICE part)-

Celebration Station in Metairie. This would be the sober-ish, slightly more family-oriented leg of the journey. Imagine! 100 Santas riding go-carts & playing miniature golf! If enough people can firmly commit to attendance, we may be able to wrangle group rates. Research is currently underway...

Evening-(the NAUGHTY part!) will include:

  • a mob of santas taking a french-quarter ghost tour. ha! spooky santas.
  • ribald caroling
  • handing out naughy/nice gifts to strangers
  • streetcar rides between our 'uptown' and 'french quarter' designated headquarters (bars)
  • Santa-karaoke at the cat's meow? you bet yer ass!
  • stripper bingo! 50 santas in a tittie-bar, playing stripper bingo! the seas will part. grown men will cry. women will throw their babies in the water. Location pending.
  • Gee, how can we find a strip club in the french Quarter? hmmm.

50 to 100 Santas, pub-crawling in the French Quarter. Saturday nights are usually a little crowded in the Quarter, so there should be plenty of people standing around saying "What the HELL is THIS?" wherever we go.

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