Santarchy 2000 Itinerary

All events December 16, 2000. Costumes mandatory (preferably cheap, shoddy santa suits). Movement will be random but the Santas will be at the noted 'rendezvous' points so stragglers can join in.

4pm: First Rendezvous- Celebration Station, Metairie. This is the 'nice' part- after this stop, things will get naughty. We'll miniature golf and ride go-karts, and give out dumb little toys to whatever kids are around.
7pm: Second Rendezvous: Flanagan's Pub, 625 St. Philip St., French Quarter. 522-0300. Owner Henry Flanagan has promised to take good care of the Santas. Further details of no great concern. Santas will be dispatched from Flanagan's into the Saturday night French Quarter throng, giving out 'naughty' things to naughty people.
9pm: Third rendezvous- Sticky Fingers Bar, Magazine St. at Webster. This means all the Santas will get on a streetcar (or two) and head uptown for a drink. Santa suits will score drink specials at Sticky Fingers, too.
11pm: Fourth Rendezvous- Cat's Meow, 701 Bourbon St., French Quarter. The Santas will descend on the world-famous karaoke bar (check out their song list!) and ham it up for the webcams. 50 Santas, singing karaoke, beamed all over the world via internet. It's a beautiful time to be alive.

Drink specials pending. Hopefully Cat's Meow will extend their famous 3-for-1 happy hour all night for Santa suits.
1am:Final Rendezvous: Rick's Cabaret, 315 Bourbon St. What better way for the Santas to wind up the evening, than playing 'stripper bingo' in a French Quarter tittie-bar? Manager Eric says- NO COVER FOR SANTA SUITS! (usually it's $10). Consider bringing totally inappropriate XMAS music and persuading the dancers to strip to it.

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