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World Candies 1999.

RJ Reynolds sent a cease-and-desist to World over the Mustang brand; this is what took its place.

But now let's take a closer look at the package.

The bottom of this package is CLEARLY marked so convenience store drones don't stock them in the wrong place.

Another thing about World Candies smokes... they're not from around here, really. They're from Slovenia. SLOVENIA. Yep. Don't ask me, this is also on my "candy cigarette to do" list. Maybe a fact-finding mission.

Wherever they're from, they don't taste that good. I mean, TO ME. That's not legally actionable, is it?

Oddly enough, Mr. Deuce was knocking back some smokes from World Candies while I was editing this page ...

"I feel like having a real cigarette, just to cleanse the palate. HEY! THAT'S how they GETCHA!"