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World Candies 1996.

The is the first World Candies entry, and this is also the pack of candy cigarettes that started it all, donated by Deuce of Clubs, and purchased around 1996.

Each of these candy cigarette brands also has a bubble gum brand extension. The only difference is that the words "BUBBLE GUM" appear where the word "CANDY" appears on each of the packs. Yep.

Please note the strong image connotated by this pack - Mustang, a wild horse. That's right l'il buckaroo, you're a free, untamed spirit, with a glint in your eye. Now "smoke"! Smoke I say!

Some other people seemed to have noticed the Mustang brand as well...

[yeah, yeah, I'll put this in the "history" folder as soon as there is a history folder. Stop worrying about it.]