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The Cardhouse American Candy Cigarette Exhibition.

This exhibition consists of the set of candy cigarettes that are (for the most part) currently manufactured by American companies. These products were purchased anywhere from 1996 up until the present.

Of course, they're not called "candy cigarettes" anymore. The two largest U.S. manufacturers of candy cigarettes, Necco and World Candies, have voluntarily renamed their products to "Candy Stix" and just "Candy," respectively.

The funniest thing about this innocent posturing is that several of the cigarette-specific touchstones still remain -- referring to boxes as "king size," "longs," the red tips (World Candies only), and of course, the very-obviously cigarette-inspired box designs.

Take the grand tour by clicking on the arrow, or click on individual boxes. You're in the driver's seat, my internet friend.

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