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Necco/Stark Candy Company


P.O. Box 65 / Pewaukee, WI 53072

414 691 0600 / 414 691 2947 (fax)

Current products: Dinosaurs, Supersonic, Hawk, Lions, Princess, Liberty

Discontinued products: Hit Parade, L&M, Marlboro, Necco Candy Cigarettes, Oases, Pell Mell, Pall Mall, Stark Strike, Stark Stryke, Tareyton, Twenty Grand, Viceroy

Comes in three sizes: 0.5625 oz, 0.9 oz, and the "Mega" size, 1.3 oz. The "Mega" size still has the tax stamp, although this is supposedly being phased out with new packaging (according to a 1997 letter). The "Mega" size is also referred to on the 36 count boxes as "Ultra 101 Longs."

Necco does not include "Candy Stix" in its web-based list of 28 "key" products.



Dinosaurs candy stix Dinosaurs candy stix

The two American manufacturers of candy cigarettes, Necco and World Candies, apparently have some sort of unspoken agreement - World Candies handles the designs that actually look like cigarettes, and Necco does the ironic stuff.

A smoking volcano? Pre-dead dinosaurs? Stop, you're killing me!



Supersonic candy stix Supersonic candy stix

The only thing more macho than a jet fighter is MULTIPLE jet fighters. Thrusting skyward. Screw you, cowboys! We're SKYBOYS!



Hawk candy stix Hawk candy stix

Black packaging used to be "forbidden" until that orange juice manufacturer started using black packaging so now black packaging is like so 1997.



Lucky Lights candy stix Lucky Lights bubble gum

If you look at the tiny Marlboro logo in the center of the pack, you've basically got the same thing, animals walking on hind legs, facing each other. But the Marlboro animals aren't licking a giant column.



Princess candy stix

These longer Necco candy "stix" are classified as "Ultra 101 Longs".

For some reason, even though Necco has intimated through personal correspondence to a schoolteacher back in 1997 that the tax stamps would be removed from their candy cigarette products, they remain on the "Ultra 101 Longs" (as of 2001).

Apparently these are the candy stix for girls.

Not being able to draw limb extremities is a big candy cigarette design problem.



Kings candy stix

Lady Liberty holds up the Inextinguishable Potato Chip of Freedom to light the way to Ellis Island so you can get your name chopped in half.

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