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Candy Cigarette Letters.

Letters concerning candy cigarettes and all of Cardhouse's other fine, fine products. Perhaps you have enjoyed our line of malts in the past, our candy bear bait, our chewing gums. Thanking you for your continued patronage; all of us here at Cardhouse Candy and Gumwerks, Inc., remain: humbled.

2003oct26. do you know where I can get fortune gum

I am looking into my crystal ball ... I can see you will not receive an answer.

2003oct14. I am very upset with your packaging of the chocolate cigarrette candy. I purchased 6 packages today for my children and at the price of $1.70 each, I was very surprised to find that you only have 8 candies in the box. the box looks like it should have contained anywhere from 10 to 12 pces of candy. This is a rip-off, and at that price each candy would be $0.21 each. I can buy a full chocolate bar for less than that.

I am now out over $7.00 for the 6 packages, and the value of the product is unjustified. What will you do about this?

Thank you

So you were aware that a mysteriously-light package of chocolate cost $1.70, and yet you bought six of them? I guess I will do nothing about "this." By the way, the end seller sets the prices, above and beyond what the manufacturer and/or distributor charges. Apparently he knows his market, since he's marked up the product almost 100% from the usual price point and has sold at least six units, from what I've heard on the streets.

03oct11. I purchased a 24oz. package of Kettke Fresh Caramel for making caramel apples. The package says that microwave directions are on the back, but not so. I am sure that I have to mix milk with the caramel but don't know the amount.

We do apologize for the lack of microwave instructions. For the best taste, we recommend mixing in approximately fifty-seven (57) gallons of milk per 24oz. package. We understand that typical consumer-grade microwaves are not large enough to mix up such a batch, this is why we recommend customers visit any of the following facilities to rent large industrial-grade microwaves:

- Plastics company
- Paint company
- Wormery
- Automobile manufacturer
- Farm animal prototyping facility
- OfficeMax

If you do not live near any of these selections, we also can visit customers with one of our several mobile microwave labs, which we humorously call a "Nukemobile." Please let us know if this is your particular situation.

Tink Gloschmanno
Customer Relations

2003oct03. Hi there... I got ur address thru ur website. and I`m writing this mail to regarding some information related to a particular brand of cigarettes. I`m really looking forward for your answer.

Almost 4-5 years back I watched an episod on " Discovery Channel" and same on CNBC NEWS regarding this Cigarette, wher in Japan they introduced a new Brand of Cigarettes, with different flavours( Menthol,Clove), wher you do not have to light up the cigarette stick with Match box or Lighter. U can directly use the cigarette without leaving the smoke or ash behind it. Majorly used in public places like Train stations and Airports. I want more information about this brand of Cigarettes. The Brand name, Rates, Export quality/possibilities.

Thanking you

With warm Regards
Praveen K.

I believe the answer to your query can be found in a book entitled Complete and Utter Failure written by Neil Steinberg. I'd look through my copy of the book to secure a solution to your quandary, but my copy is apparently squirreled away in one of the several boxes I've neglected to unpack from our recent move. As a substitute, I quote this passage from the 1961 Quadrangle Books offering You Can Survive The Bomb by Col. Mel Mawrence with John Clark Kimball.

As for the business of shooting your neighbors, that is just more of the hysterical nonsense that surrounds the subject of civil defense. The surest way to avoid the possibility of a rush on one shelter is to have several in the neighborhood. The surest way to trigger general shelter construction is to build one yourself and be proud of it. Others will follow your lead.


2003sep03. Where can I find these...My kids love them.

Where can I find your email address, Andy.

2003sep03. With all the candy in the world do we really need candy in a form of a cigarette? Who are you marketing this too, it can't be adults. And for any adult who would buy cigarette candy for there kid's should be shot in the head for stupidity. Cigarette's is a drug and it's a shame that a major Company such as your self needs to exploit little children. I E-mailed "The Truth.com" and asked them about how the hell candy cigarettes or still be made. They said that it was leagel because the companies call them candy sticks. I told them that is bull shit. Sure you can call them candy sticks, but why do they have to look just like a pack of cigarette? Really is this company so hard up for money that you will put little children at risk. I have a lot of time on my hands now and I think I found my calling in life and that is to band cigarettes and candy sticks. Now if the cigarette's companies would stop putting in the addictive stuff that they add to cigarettes and just keep it as just tobaco then it wouldn't be so bad.(you know what i'm talking about)I bet that in some way your company in working with the Government on keeping the American people hooked on one of the worse drugs to be introduce to us. If someone blew up all the cigarette's companies and no one got hurt would that person be a terrorist or a Hero? It make's me sick to know that our Government know that cigarettes are addictive just like Heroin so how can the Government sell an addictive product.

Man, did you ever nail us to the wall. Bonus points for sassing out the Thetruth.com people.

2003aug27. i would like to know how i can purchase candy stix. i can not find them any where and i would really like some. could i purchase them through you.

2003aug14. Hello my name is Christine S, I have bought a bag full of your candy smokes, and half of the bag of candy smokes, had about 2 to 3 candys in its box. I was upset when I notice it. I am not sure if people took them out of the pack from the store, or they where packed that way. Thought I would let you know. We buy this product all the time, Its very good candy.


About five thousand packs got out with the limited amount of product you describe above. The line worker responsible for this infraction, Fred Rojo, has been promoted to marketing, where he will be less of a concern to the financial well-being of our sensual corporation. You have our permission to steal an equivalent amount from your local grocer's to make up the difference. Thank you for your concern.

Man "Manny" Laikspellor


Yes. That's wonderful. Good to hear from you again, J. Grech, we were all getting worried.

2003aug07. Hello,
Do you actually sell these on your site for adult consumption. It seems the addiction to the candy cigs are as bad as the real ones.


Yep, it's just as bad as lung cancer, being hooked on candy cigarettes.


2003aug04. Hi, I have a box of Candy Meats that look like cuts of meat. It states on the box it was made by Robert L. Albert Co., Inc sole distributors New York , NY. I was wondering if you know what year these were made, or if you know where I can find out. I am guessing 1940's by the pictures on the box.


This sounds really cool. Candy meats.

2003jul01. I have purchased some candy cigarettes from another vender, but I am not too pleased. When I was young I use to buy some that were sweeter than the ones I have purchased from the other vender; the ones I have purchased are like chalk and did not like that. Do these candy cigarettes come in spider man boxes. Please get back with me. Thanks

2003jul17. I would be interested in any information you have obtained about Phoenix Candy. I am trying to learn more about a set the company produced called Strictly Fun Candy & Toy Baseball Series. Thanks.

2003jul10. Hello my name is Christine S., I have bought a bag full of your candy smokes, and half of the bag of candy smokes, had about 2 to 3 candys in its box. I was upset when I notice it. I am not sure if people took them out of the pack from the store, or they where packed that way. Thought I would let you know. We buy this product all the time, Its very good candy.

I gave you my email and here is my address [address] if you want to write me back.

Thank you
Christine S.

What's weird is that everytime I get a complaint about our candy cigarettes they never name the brand or the manufacturer, it's always phrased generically.

2003jun22. We're the only company that specializes in producing and selling tea-flavored sugar free chewing gum all over the world. Our products include green tea, black tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, kuding tea and osmanthus tea, all of which have been certified by HACCP of SGS and the Certification Committee of Netherlands. our tea flavored chewing gum can greatly improve human immunity We strongly recommend you to attached our website at http://www.tearrowgum.com to get more information. And please inform us if you have a website. If have, please write the address to us for our customers¡¯ record. Thanks! We're also seeking agents and partners worldwide to the TEARROW brand in global market. I believe the unique flavors and the clinically proven health benefits of tea will make TEARROW a popular brand in the market and could make signigicant contributions to your profit. Thanks for your time and kind consideration. Your early reply would be highly appreciated. Best Regards,
Ms Cathy W.
Hangzhou Tearrow Foodstuff Co.,Ltd.

2003jun03. Hello, please assist me with an inquiry. I'm an author and collector of Wizard of Oz memorabilia. I'm revising my 1999 book, The Wizardry of Oz, and want to show all 12 of Barratt's 1940 Wizard of Oz series. I am lacking 2 cards to complete my set: "Dorothy & Dog Toto," and "The Wizard Returns to Kansas in His Balloon." I am paying up to $100 each, or will pay for crisp photocopies. Do you also have a contact e-mail or post address for the Barratt Company? Thank you.

Sincerely, William S.

Perhaps one of our readers will have this information.


Perhaps one of our readers will have this accepting of selling through procurament.

2003jun03. Hello,
We are a group of business students doing surch for the new market of pastilles, in Croatia. We should also learn from the competitors to get a wider picture of business opportunities. We would like to know if you are operating in Croatia, selling pastilles - and if yes, what is your market share.

Thank you for the answer and we wish you a nice spring!

Students from Turku school of Economics and Business Administration

I sell all the pastilles in Croatia. My market share is 100%. Anyone wants to sell pastilles in Croatia, they go through me. You surch around, you find this is true!

2003may15. we would like to propose a new product, but we need your permission to use your candy cigarettes to make our product.Also, we would like to know the ingredients in the making of the white(not bubble gum) candy cigarettes.Finally, please note that this is for a school project. All we need is your permission.

Thank you for your time,
Ms. S.'s 8th grade class 2003,
New Jersey.

I think you're all going to be like "you should change the product so it doesn't look like a cigarette any more" and I'm going to be like all "well if you want me to re-tool all of my machinery, why don't you cough up some dollareenies, my wee ones."

2003may15. i'm interested in trying to stop the solicitation of all candy cigerettes. i've started a petition in eldersburg, md. do you know who owns any of these candy companies or how i can find out who owns them?

signed kelly,
a smoker for a looooong time, with children of my own and concern for all children.

2003may13. Hello from Bulgaria! I would like to know official internet page of Hitschler fabrique. Thank you!

2003apr29. Hello, and To Whom it May Concern,

I'm currently working on a fantastic book of brands, and I'd love to include the ATTACK cigarettes you have listed on your website. I realize that Attack is by Ferton-France S.A., and I'd like to contact them regarding seeking permission to reproduce the photograph.

However, we're on a tight deadline, is there any way you could give me their contact information as soon as you can? I'd appreciate your help, ATTACK would be an amazing addition to our book.

Meaghan K.

2003feb13. helo i do'nt understaind but plz hwlp all of them now we get the opertunities so eill be that roules and regulation provied managment forward in Karachi.

Karachi. The crossroads of somethingsomethingsomething.

2003jan31. This is just to say your candy cig page brought back some serious memories - trying to mock my dad and how he smoked. I would let the candy cig hang from my lip while i played. I cant believe how different the times are now. Surely a huge lawsuit would ensue should someone try that today.


They're still called "candy cigarettes" in a few places, but most confectioneries have caught on to the hot new trend of calling the product "Candy Sticks," like the "Space Man" candy sticks from New Zealand that some friends brought back from New Zealand recently (one NZ coin has a really great Maori mask).

In this case, the tips are still daubed in red food coloring to simulate a lit cigarette, though how one can smoke in space is probably something RJR is still struggling with at this very moment.

2002dec11. My little child, 4 yeras old is consuming a chocolate Christmas Calendar from Falize Chocolaterie. The problem is that she is celiac, she can´t eat gluten because she suffers an intolerance to this protein. In the components of the product nothing is said about this subjetc but it is very, very important for me to be sure that no little part of gluten is included in the product becaus it could cause damage to Sara at long term. Please, answer this cuestion as soon as possible. I´ll be very grateful to you. The product has been buyed in Spain, city of Gijón in a Carrefour centre. Fdo. Herminia Bermúdez Patón

I have NOTHING to do with Falize Chocolaterie, and am completely stymied as to why you would think that. In addition, if you've got any sort of problem with your child consuming chocolate, why not stop giving it to her? Chocolate's bad enough without worrying about gluten as well. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

2002dec04. Dear sir, We are producer and exporter of fruits and especialy potato in iran.we want to send this commodities to importers in dubai by FCA.if you interest to buy it please send us your request to send you our best kind of potatos with (L.C).

especial thanks. masoud
azarnoosh Co.

Masoud! What am I looking for in an Iranian potato? I'll tell you what. I'm looking for the deffest, baddest Iranian potato you can offer me! We go by FCA, to the T to the A, if you know what I mean, and I sure don't! I'd have you send me a sample or two of your sweet, sweet non-sweet potatos, but right now Poindexter is breathing down my back, capisca? He'd be all over an Iranian potato dropping in my mailbox like some kind of felonialtastic lying son of a bitch placed at the helm of the new Big Brother & The Infinitely Detained Company would be over a Syrian yam. "IT IS POTATO! FROM IRAN!" he'd bellow, and ellipsis you fill in the rest. So thanks but no. Send postcard of potato instead! Cardhouse Produce [address]

2002dec04. Looking for a roll of candy wafers, round, with a heart stamped on top with a cute saying, called Love Hearts. Not conversation hearts.

I am looking for a briefcase full of cash stamped with a cute saying: "THIS IS YOURS."

2002dec04. In your research, have you come across any of the parent companies for these candy cigarettes? I'm curious to find out if these candies were actually put out by the cigarette companies or by independent candy manufacturers.


This is the second email I've gotten about this. No. The candy companies put out candy cigarettes that looked like cigarettes with the blessing of the major cigarette manufacturers, or they did themselves "on the sly," hoping (correctly) that they wouldn't get sued. Or maybe they hadn't even thought of that lawsuit angle. That's how it was, back then. A lawless mélange of corporations and people, trying to do good in a world that really didn't care. What?

2002dec04. I am currently taking a college class that wants me to examine and spruce up existing packaging of a product with a logo and name that are synoymous with each other. Living in Canada and able to purchase Popeye candy sticks I have done so. I read that they are not available in the US. Is that true? Also, do you know why they as well as other sticks like them are no longer called candy cigarettes? Is it due to the political corrected society we live in?

You can get package variants of Popeye candy "sticks" in the US. They are no longer called candy cigarettes because they don't want to attract any attention to themselves. Shhhhh.

2002dec04. Do you know why World Candies prints the weight of their packages as 8/16 oz.? That strikes me as weird, since 8/16 = 1/2. Perhaps the answer is Slovenia. Thanks.

1/2 also reduces to 0/1. In Slovenia.

2002dec04. i used to be able to buy heide "private stock" jucyfruits at a k-mart in illinois- are they still available?


I called the K-Mart and they said they're open for business, so you could probably go check or something.

2002dec04. I want to order some Black Black Gum by Lotte. its Japanese. could you help??

No. Yes. No again.

2002aug08. To whom it may concern:

My name is Brenda L. and I purchased Popeye Cigarettes at a local Baxter's convenient store. UPC code is 067535302504 and the problem I have with this product that I never had before is that when I opened up the box of candy cigarettes there was a long black hair in the box. I was totally disgusted and I was hoping to be compensated in some way for this horrible ordeal.

Please and thank you,
Yours truly,
Brenda L.

Does it look like human hair? Dog hair? Rat hair? I'm going to need to know more about the hair.

To whom it may concern, It was human hair. A long black human hair about 2 inches in length.


I've thought about this for awhile, and I guess the only thing I can say is ... I'm sorry.

2002jul20. Why can't we find PLUG Licorice made in Canada in the 1960's? they had their own factory, then sold out to Y&S Licorice in Canada. If so many people love and crave licorice, why doesn't somebody start making all of these again? seems they could make a lot of money catering to this highly specialized group of people who really love licorice

You keep answering your own questions. PLUG licorice probably isn't around because it was made in the 1960's. "Somebody" doesn't make licorice because it's a "highly specialized" group of people. That's another thing, people don't even know what licorice is, or else the red "Red Vines" licorice variation would be removed from the shelves or renamed, as it contains 0% licorice.

There are an amazing number of varieties of licorice in the world (and a great many of these are available via mail order right here in the US), but you have to hunt for them, and it's this aspect of life in general that should be looked upon as a thrill, not a chore.

02jul15. Attn:- Purchasing / importing department, Dear Sir / Madam, Hoping very fine you in all matters. We manufacture the following items of international standard:- MANICURE, PEDICURE, BEAUTY CARE , SURGICAL, MEDICAL, DENTAL INSTRUMENTS AND TWEEZERS / SCISSORS OF ALL KINDS and offer you the above becuase you are importer/distributor and whole seller of them .We have the abilities to supply you above items of any size (big or small) as per your delivery schedule against better prices while comparing to yours or others prices. Keeping in view the above, please give us a share of your present requirements of above items enabling us to prove our worth practically (quality-wise, prices-wise and service-wise) Your any question in the matter is highly appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Yours truly
Mian Sher [name]
[name] Industries
email: [Pakistan address]

Good day to you, Mian Sher [name]!!!!! I would need to know a few things before I commit to ordering beauty care (and other) supplies from Pakistan.

1) Where are you located in Pakistan?
2) My understanding is that Pakistan is a "trouble spot." What are you doing to meet this challenge "head-on"?
3) What sort of beauty supplies do you stock? Do you have "local" brands of interest?
4) Are you ISO 9001? 9000? This is not a requirement, but it is always nice to know when one is "friends of the family," eh?
Thank you very kindly for your attention to this matter.

S. Tiburon

Dear Mr. S. Tiburon

Thank you for your message, showing interest in our products. Under are the answer of your questions:-
1. We are located in an industrial City Sialkot (Pakistan)
2. Pakistan is not a trouble spot. It is very good to us as we are doing all the deeds normally without any harder. Anyhow there is a tention due to India but nothing. It is the India that is killing muslims in Kashmir and in other parts of the India.
3. We manufacture Beauty care, maincure instruments such Razor edge barber scissors, Thinning Scissors, Nail and cuticle Scissor, eye brow tweezer, Nail and cuticle nipper/cutter all these items of many kinds.
4. Still we have not obtained ISO 9002 certificate but we are considering to get the same.
5. Kindly inform us your complete mailing/visiting address with your fax and phone numbers for our needful.
Your any further question in the matter is highly appreciated.
Thanks and best regards
Mian Sher [name]

Mian Sher [name] my friend!
Thank you for your quick follow-up. I am sorry to hear about your problems with India. The whole world watches your hair-trigger nuclear showdown with fear and uncertainty. We are currently moving our entire facility to a more "tony" location, and for the time being we are accepting mail at the following address: [address]. What we really need to see is photographs of the products you sell - here the best option would be a full-color catalog, though a black-and-white one will do in a pinch, and of course pricelists for lots, quantity discounts, etc. I am also wondering about the packaging - we have had problems with overseas products in the past, in that the packaging was "inappropriate" for US import. We are looking for dynamic packaging, packaging that SELLS! SELLS, DO YOU HEAR ME! This is the best packaging, I believe. When I am happy with your products, I will give you more contact information - our operators are swamped enough as it is, and this is a very dynamically crazy time here, with the move and all, I barely have enough time to use my own nail cutter! Ha! Ha! I hope our futuristic business dealings will be delicious!

[reply pending.]

02jul01. Hello, My husband has been looking everywhere for your "Good Fortune" toothpicks, and can't seem to find them. We are in Washington State, and we have been to Chinatown hoping to find a store there that sells your toothpicks, but to no avail. Can you tell us where your toothpicks can be found to buy, we would very much appreciate it.

thank you


Dear Kandi:
Our toothpicks can be found in every store on the earth. Look closely ... they're small!

Dear Kandi:
We are saddened to learn of your misfortune trying to locate our toothpicks. Please find enclosed one (1) "Good Fortune" brand toothpick.

Dear Kandi:
Our toothpicks exist only in your mind.

Dear Kandi:
We have recalled our toothpicks in response to a Consumer Product Safety Division investigation. It seems that our toothpicks are failing the "choke tube test" in record numbers. We will be thickening and lengthening our toothpicks. We are committed to our box style and size, however, which means that there will be approximately 5.3 toothpicks in each package.

Dear Kandi:

Dear Kandi:
We only produced one box of toothpicks. It was sold. Our business model thus proven, we wait patiently for our IPO to produce more.

Dear Kandi:
My first car was an AMC Concord. What a piece of shit.

Dear Kandi:
We are, at the present time, not stocking these toothpicks due to a one-time balance sheet readjustment of twelve skrillion dollars. We are confident that most of our investors have shifted their portfolio into sweets, plunging necklines, and cat calendars.

Dear Kandi:
I'm feeling tough right now. Like nobody can take me on. Like I'm strong; invincible. Except my butt hurts. Everything else about me, though, is like steel. Stainless steel. I hate that Swingway can opener, it rusts around the gear, so one day you're opening the can of pineapple chunks in light syrup and it just drops a little rust maggot in the pineapple can. It's such a beautiful can opener, it's like 99% perfect but then they wanted to make sure they sold many, many can openers instead of a few good ones.

Dear Kandi:
Let us construct, in our minds, an alternate futuristic universe. In this universe, people have small nanobots in their mouths that clean their teeth automatically, obviating the need for toothpicks. Here's the twist, though: the planet's entire population is on death row. Blows yer mind, doesn't it? It's all about priorities. I'm shoppin' it around, shoppin' it around ...

Dear Kandi:
Our toothpicks are not for sale. We are passing the savings ... onto you! Onto? Into you? Through? We are giving you the savings? We have savings, we are hoping that you implement them? Take our savings ... please!

Dear Kandi:
Toothpicks are like tiny trees, without the leaves, or the bark. Also they're dead and quite uniform in size and texture. This is probably why toothpicks are better to put in your mouth than trees, for the most part.

Dear Kandi:
Would you be interested in a free sample of our spirally-sliced honey glazed ham? It's from Estonia.

Dear Kandi:
I'm drunk.

[a day passes ... I sober up.]

i wrote to your company before hoping to get any help any finding the manufacturers of "Good Fortune", pure white sterilized with peroxide and dried hot flat toothpicks. If you can help me to find out how we can buy these special toothpicks, i would appreciate it very much.

thank you again,


Dear Kandi:
Our company puts a great trust in the consumer of our "Good Fortune" brand pure white sterilized with peroxide and dried hot flat toothpicks. That trust is this: that our toothpicks should never be used as an interdental device. We thank you, the consumer, for keeping and building that trust throughout the years. Thank you, Good Fortune brand toothpicks.

Dear Kandi:
Toothpicks serve a function in society. This is hardly true most of the time.

Dear Kandi:
"Clare County History: A Celebration of Toothpicks" will be exhibited at the Clare County Museum from Friday, August 2nd 2002 to Monday, January 29th 2007. Cider and do-nuts will be served between 12:00pm-1:00pm, and there might be a band playing or something, if they can get their shit together.

Dear Kandi:
Let me tell you what I learned in college -- it won't take long. I had a 400-level math class - very difficult - and this was my second time taking it. I was living in a sorority house, but that's another story. Anyway, the class was at 8am four days a week, so basically every kid that showed up without coffee (which was most of them) was a zombie. Zombies like to sit down, but sometimes the doors to the class were locked. So you'd get there ten minutes ahead of the bell, and you'd have to either stand in this darkened hallway or sit on the cement floor -- unattractive options for zombies. One day, I got to class about ten minutes early, and it was test day. I was walking up to the hall, and I noticed that most of the class was already there, trying to study by holding math books in their hand (standing) or sprawled out on the concrete (sitting). It looked pretty uncomfortable, and then I started doing a little math in my head. I moved directly toward the door and ... opened it, triggering a strange low exclamatory sound from at least half of the crowd. Why exactly didn't 40+ people even try the door? Because something happened when the first one or two people got to class - the first person assumed the door was locked, or there were two people and they had some sort of bizarre mental showdown in which each thought the other had already tried the door. By the time the third person showed up, the pattern had been set - there's people sitting outside, well, they must have tried the door. And the fourth person shows up, etc, etc, until you have 40 people who haven't even tried the door. I passed both tests.

If you think about it, this explains a lot of social phenomenons.

Oh yeah: toothpicks, toothpicks, etc.

Dear Kandi:
This isn't like the 1950's, when both UK and US teens were coming at us in droves, screaming for our product. Times have changed, and we have changed our ways as well. We're releasing a Classic Gift Pack of 40 of our top toothpicks, arranged by year and sub-arranged by color. In addition, there's our Extended Classic Gift Pack Deluxe, which features a 207-page coffee table book on the history of Good Fortune Toothpick Brand toothpicks, designed by Frogdesign, with a foreword by Matt Damon (from the movie "Rounders"). You can also find the book by itself at Borders bookstore, under the title: "Good Fortune Toothpick Book Matt Damon."

Dear Kandi:
All of our toothpicks have been sold to costume supply shops, eager to stock their shelves with United States-flag augmented toothpicks for the crush of consumers drunk with patriotric fervor. This is the year, Kandi, the year that America Tears A New One. I'm going to be hunkered down in the riverbed come July 4th. See, I was walking home from this estate sale today (I scored this nice "Figaro" cat food box -- it's always a challenge for me to sneak out a well-designed cardboard box because they'd throw it away otherwise -- this time I put a bunch of one dollar cookbook pamphlets from the 1940's in the box and fobbed off most of them, only buying two, but still keeping a tight hold on the box itself), and I noticed an access path down to the dry riverbed. So I figured what the hell, and it was wonderful. It's in a trench twenty, twenty-five feet down so you can't hear the traffic, can't hear a damned thing down there, and it's as lush as all get out. So you're in this otherworldly place, with rat traps. Lots of rat traps. I didn't understand what they were at first, had to get good and close to read the writing on the canister. So I was walking for about a mile or two, and then a stream cut into the riverbed and the vegetation became taller and taller and before I knew it I was in a frickin' jungle. Well, I had the ole' catfood box with me, and a backpack, and a short-sleeved shirt, so it really wasn't working out. I backtracked, put on a flannel shirt, broke down the cat food box and put it in the back pack, and climbed out (in and of itself worth a paragraph) onto the side road. Shame it didn't dump me in some rich boof's backyard, eh? I followed the river awhile, and it finally dried out again, and just then I found another easy access path down. Again, peace and contentment. I had that fantasy again in which machines don't exist. Nice. Came across some poetry written under a bridge:

Video Junkie

[unintelligible] out [unintelligible] network of microdots
Radiating color [that was in red] in a moving array of visual imagery
Mainlining the optic nerve
Television addicts shoot up
Tele transmission rays
For that [red follows] Sex-Trash [red ends] rush
That goes straight to the CNS
Like Fortran code to the CPU
Or Terminal Overload

And the poem ends there because the riverbed has risen to meet it, which is just wonderful -- nature interacting with art. But "Fortran"? The poem has to be at least ten years old, maybe twenty. It reminded me of the writing on the inside of one of the buildings at the Sutro Bath ruins - someone had taken the time to document what had happened there in their own words, but it had faded away and was covered with other less-interesting writing.

Another poem under the bridge was mostly covered up by some excellent multi-colored graffito:

Last picture of Alaska
... in nano-seconds

Because this is a man-made trench, I was able to climb up a bunch of sandbags and popped up right at end of a street hosting another estate sale, looking like some kind of freakish prairie dog.

Dear Kandi:
After spending ten years in major university libraries, I have concluded that no great fiction has ever centered around the exploits of a common toothpick. This is not such a bad thing, but it does represent an untapped resource. We are exploring the ancillary market as well, and hope to secure a patent for our toothpick necklace, which helps to keep toothpicks "at the ready" instead of the typical scrambling for a toothpick dispenser that you will see in most restaurants in the Midwest. That's another thing: toothpicks are a very regional product. We haven't come up with exact boundaries, but our marketers have pretty much crossed off California and Nevada. You'd think with all the cowboys and cowgirls in NV, maybe, perhaps ... but no.

Dear Kandi:
I think they are available in Toronto's Chinatown somewhere.

Dear Kandi:
I am made of wood. I am round, yet small. I have two pointed ends. I taper on the top, and on the bottom. I am jammed between the gleaming white teeth of an obese gentleman who has just finished his Whirlaway fried chicken dinner. He's lost the Henderson account, but he doesn't know it yet. Probably would have skipped dessert. No time for pie when your client base dips below a certain amount. Red lines on the computer, easy to spot by a supervisor or two. Then you have to go back to the management classes, they try to tweak you -- up to a point. Then they cut you loose. Can't be cut loose, then there's no pie ever. What am I? That's right -- I am a toothpick.

2002jun13. I'm researching candy cigarettes and the tobacco industry. I'm sure there is a connection - i.e., R.J. Reynolds owns World Candies? Especially since the tobacco industry is targeting kids AND the candy cigarettes are named TARGET!! What irony. Please share with me all the dirt on World Candies! Thanks

i.e., you are completely insane.

2002may14. Please ,do not make any kinds of candy cigaretts or cigars. I feel that is mentally getting kids to think smoking is cool. I as a parent and grandparent will never buy them for kids in my family. you keep the price a a dime a box because a parent doesn"t mind giving their child a dime. Why can't you make the same candy in a different shape like a baseball bat in cool colors to match all the college and nfl teams! Thank You I see to many people dying from cancer that is why I am against cigaretts even the candy ones.

2002may04. How can i become a wholesaler of El Bubble bubble gum cigars. Can you please give me a list of email addresses or websites for supplier.
thank you

It's all about the hat. You start wearing the El Bubble wholesaler hat, suddenly, before you know it, you're thinking like an El Bubble wholesaler and just as fast you're actually an El Bubble wholesaler. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for your pants.

2002may04. Is there currently any laws in California that prohibit the sale of candy cigaretttes to minors? If there are do you know the section number?

2002may04. The last batch of candy cigarettes I got tasted different. Did they change the flavor?????? If they did, why would they do such a thing??????

Thanks, Debbie

2002apr29. Is there any possibility a person could get some old or bad candy. This would be used for bear bait and obviously not for human consumption. I was looking for maybe a truck full or maybe a little more. Thanks

2002apr27. ATT : EXPORT DPT .







Dear Medhat:

Thanks for dropping us a line. If we want to business with you (and it sounds like we do) I'm going to need to know a LOT more about your FZA. We've been burned twice in the past by infestation and rodent droppings, and I have been extremely unhappy with the Sultanate of Oman. Initially, what I'm going to need is a standard report on your FZA and photos of the area. I need to know about security, I need to know a lot more before I'm going to have anything shipped there. Do you have a standard portfolio package that you can send? If so, send it to [address].

B. Fume
Shipping & Receiving

2003apr25. I am very concerned about one of your products. My grandsons step-mother bought him some candy with dinasours on the box. He loves dinasours so she new he would love them. When Sara opened the box for Austin, she was shocked to find candy cigarettes!

She would NEVER have bought that candy had she known. Now my concern is: Why would you make and sell such a thing to little kids in a time when we are trying desperatly to make it clear that smoking is NOT acceptable and will kill them? This is a very irresponsible act on your part and I will make it clear to others that your company is producing such an unhealthy product ... A Concerned Parent and Grand-parent

2002mar27. This is an ACTUAL LETTER I received in the post office box today.

To whom this may concern, I recently bought your candy cigarettes. When I opened it, I saw mold in them. I was really upset because I always buy your products. I was upset & threw it out. I always buy your products because I'm happy with them. I wasn't this time. Please send me a new one, the same size pack or my money back. If my request comes true, I'll keep buying your product, but if not, I won't. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Shana B.
[address NY]

I cannot begin to tell you how distressed we are, here at the company. We've instituted a "money for mold" campaign in which anyone who can spot any sort of mold on any Cardhouse product is rewarded with a small bonus. I am hoping that this consumer has mistaken our products for someone else's. Again, no brand name was mentioned.

2002mar20. We are located in Sultanate of Oman. We are interested to have an agency (Import) of cigarettes. We can import minimun 10 tues in a month. If you interested please let me know and contact me on moramco2@omantel.net.om Commercial Manager Al Moram Co.Limited L.L.C Tel + 978 299909

2002mar12. I've got a 2 year old grandson that love's the original hard white candy ciggarettes. The problem is I'm having a hard time finding the real good ones . The ones we find don't have the same taste . Could you please tell me where we can purchase them .Maybe a case or more at a time. Thank You...from a busy Grandma...

grandma- this is doctor cliff, cardhouse health-care professional. i've been asked to intervene on behalf of your grandson. please understand that we do not endorse candy cigarettes- we are simply fascinated that they exist, and further fascinated that anyone would be thoughtless enough to feed them to a child. it's a double-whammy of child-endangerment- 1. you're feeding a child candy. unless you're meticulously brushing the child's teeth after every single dose of sugar, you're destroying the child's teeth. you're also training the child up to be a candy-muncher throughout his life, ensuring that his adult teeth will also be plagued by rampant decay. children who learn to enjoy sugary-sweet candy at such a young age, also enjoy poor grades, low body weight, lower IQ, and impaired social skills throughout their lives. 2. you're teaching a toddler that cigarettes are a fun toy. this lesson will stick, believe me. later in life, around the age of ten or eleven, those fun toys will turn real and start getting smoked. hmm... another chronic, serious health problem, taught by grandma. please keep candy, and especially candy cigarettes, out of your grandson's mouth. he may get testy now, but he'll thank you later in life when he still has his teeth & lungs. in case it's not patently obvious, the same dangers apply to candy cigars, candy chewing tobacco, and bubble-gum pipes.

2002mar12. To the import - export Manager
From a Lebanese Business Man
Dear Sir,

I'm interesed in your product and would like to have more information about your products and its prices. I couldn't find a product of yours "umbrella choclate stick" on your site, eventhough i found your address writen on one i bought in Lebanon. I am really interested in that item, so if you can kindly provide me with the needed informations and step needed to have future business together.

Regards, Nadim B. M.

2002feb28. Hi. I love your candy and so do my other people i work with. We love the watermelon gum. Our company (i work for) is in Cleveland Ohio....and i don't know of any stores in Cleveland that would sell the Swell Candies. Do you have a listing of any stores that would see these types of products?

Thanks so much!

2002feb02. Fags package that someone sent me years ago. I have the original:

Use however your like!


2002jan12. I found your site because my mother had sent me a pack of TARGET candy cigarettes for Christmas.

I started eating them while I was downloading "Natural Born KIllers" from Morpheus. At that point, I got on Yahoo and typed "candy cigarettes." The rest is history. Very funny site! We all need a laugh when waking up Saturday morning with a hangover!


2002jan12. On another note: you compare the KINGS brand box to Marlboro box.

The first thing I thought KINGS represented was Pall Mall brand. The red color and the crown tipped me off. The cigarette indusrty has recently updated the Pall Mall box - I'm not sure if they discontinued the one I speak of here, or not... My dad smoked them for years. They had no filter, and the ungodly level of tar they contained was always presented in other cigarette company's ads, which was supposedly to show the consumer how much 'safer' their brands were...

2002jan12. We are doing a Trade Show and need approx. 400 pieces of Bubble Gum cigars that are normally used for 'it's a boy - it's a girl' baby giveouts. Do you have any that say simply 'congratulations' or even without a message in a mixture of blue and pink. This is a strange request, but we would need them here by October 12th - thus, the urgency for your reply before I try and check with other vendors.

Thank you, Nikki H. - NEC Technologies.

Dear Nikki H.
There is absolutely nothing on my website that gives any indication that I'm in the business of selling bubble gum cigars. No "shopping baskets," no "customer service," no "prices," no "eight hundred number," no "ordering page." Maybe you need to take a break. I mean more like a "step back" or a sabbatical of some sort. Get some perspective, go on a road trip with no destination in mind, just cruise. Roll around the lower 48 like you just don't care. Free your mind, and your buttocks will follow. That sort of action. I used to work, just like you. One time, the executive secretary said to me "I haven't taken a vacation in five years." Like she was proud of it. I was going to tell her she was nuts, but I figured, you know, she made her own life. I was fired less than a week later, but I think it was really for stealing the soft-drink machine. It was one of those really old ones, you know, where the sodas were all in bottles and you could read the cap to figure out what brand of soda-pop it was, but there was like a metal neck-clamp so you couldn't take the bottle? I read somewhere that bad kids used to use bottle openers to open the bottles while they were still clamped - then they'd drink the soda with a straw, piss in the bottle and hammer the cap back on. Ain't that a corker? Man, there ain't NOTHING like living in America.

2002jan09. Three cigarettes in a box? The old "C" rations had a package of three cigarettes. Maybe there is a connection?

BoB U.
Seattle,WA USA

Prepare yourself ... for the onslaught of the ultimate business marketing phenomenon ... that is ... JOSEPH GRECH MALTA IMPORTS!!!!!

2002jan07. sirs we are interested in importing candy six cigarettes and kind pass our email to especially thr worl candies inc. brooklyn usa.
j. grech

2001dec29. we are interested to import container load of candy sticks cicarettes to malta and indeed be pleased to receive fob or c & f quotations for the various lines you may offer. trusting, that we may have the pleasure of hearing from you favourably per return,
joseph grech

our name and address,


2001dec29. please email or fax us with fob quotations for the various lines of candy sticks you may offer. regards. joseph grech.

2001dec29. we are interested in the importation of candy sticks etc to our market and would be obliged to receive details and fob prices for the various lines you may offer. please mail few samples and catalogues if available.
joseph grech [address]



2001dec29. dear sirs would you kindly let us have fob quotations for candy cigarettes etc. with interest we look forward to hear from you soon regards
joseph grech
our co.


2001dec28. we are importers of candies and would like to receive fob quotations. we also like to receive details of your candy sticks sweet cigarettes and also catalogue if available. looking forward to hear from you.
regards joseph grech

our firm.

2001dec28. we are importers of candies and would like to receive fob quotations. we also like to receive details of your candy sticks sweet cigarettes and also catalogue if available. looking forward to hear from you.
regards joseph grech

our firm. [address]

2001dec28. kindly let us have quotations for 20 ft container candy sticks cigarettes. regards
joseph grech - malta imports

2001dec28. please email us quotations fob for the various candy sticks cigarettes available for export

joseph grech

2001dec28. please email us quotations fob for the various candy sticks cigarettes available for export regards joseph grech

2002dec26. dear sirs we are interested uin the importation of candy stick cigareets to our market and we would be obliged to have fob quotations foe same and also for others products if you are not fully committed in the malta market. with interest we look forward to hear from you regards joseph grech

2001dec26. dear sirs
we are interested uin the importation of candy stick cigareets to our market and we would be obliged to have fob quotations foe same and also for others products if you are not fully committed in the malta market. with interest we look forward to hear from you
joseph grech

2001dec25. dear sirs
we are interested uin the importation of candy stick cigareets to our market and we would be obliged to have fob quotations foe same and also for others products if you are not fully committed in the malta market. with interest we look forward to hear from you
joseph grech

2001dec24. we indeed be pleased to receive details of the candies etc you may offer. olease quote fob
looking froward to hear from you
joseph grech

marsa malta

2001dec20. dears thanks for eveything we would like to receive information etc.


2001dec20. dears thanks for eveything we would like to receive information etc.


2001dec06. we indeed be pleased to receive quotation fob for a container load candy sticks sweet cigaretts and if prices are competitive we open letter of credit after confirmation. please this is valid if you are not fully represented here. i think i met you at ism in koln germany with interest we look forward to har from you
joseph grech





2001nov30. dear sirs being interested in the importation of candy sticks etc we would be obliged for the samples and prices for the various lines you may offer. if prices are competitive we ask for proforma invoice fob or cif and open letter of credit in yr favour. trusting that we may have the pleasure of hearing from you favourably per return
joseph grech

I sent a very bad email to Joseph Grech after all of this and he shut up for awhile. I still occasionally get emails from him, then I remind him of how mad I was the first time by sending out an email with twice as many swears in it.

2001dec13. Hi,
I am Gautam Harnik, Director, Harnik Industries, and one of the products mentioned in your list is ours i.e-Phantom Sweet Cigarette.

If you need any information, please feel free to contact me or visit harnik foods.

Thanking you
Gautam Harnik

2001dec05. There's a cute lil' candy shoppe in Harvard Square, Cambridge called Hidden Sweets... my friend and i went in because we had gotten the impression somewhere that they sold x-rated perv candy. Sadly, they did not sell any x-rated perv candy. They do have a fine collection of "quality sticks" i bought myself a package of the "Vessel" brand - liked the package quite a bit... don't remember if they had any of those other ones...
i do enjoy your site,
-Derek (Stig)

2001dec05. OMG!! Your site had me ROLLIN in the floor! Who else could put humor in candy cigarettes? Oh, excuse me ""candy sticks"" lol

Have a great day!


2001nov14. Hi old pal,
While cavorting thru Portland yesterday, I seen'd sm' booblygum cigs, MAGIC COLORS from Philydelfiah wit' SPORTS THEMES. I forgot the actual names, but they had football, baseball, etc. Also saw th' cigs from yer webpage, and I STARTED FREAKING OUT, MAN! I MEAN, the CIGS from YOUR PAGE were, like, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! I needs to go calm down...

P.S. are you a candy factory? Can you manufacture me some gum? Thanks!

2001nov08. Dear Sir/Madam,
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading distributors of cosmetics & foodstuffs to the Ethiopian market. We are also known as one of the biggest importers in East Africa. We have a very good experience of 20yrs and are representing many companies from all over the world especially Europe and U.S.A.

We are presently very much interested in starting business relationships with you and would like to supply your "Chewing Gums" to the Ethiopian market.

Waiting for your prompt reply.

Yours Sincerely,
Saleh M. M.

Thank you for your letter. Before considering new avenues of distribution, we require printed catalog samples. Please send to [address].

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your email and sorry for such a late reply.

We couldn't understand what catalogs are you aksing for.We don't have any catalogs as we are buyers. Please clear this thing and send us your reply immediately.

You guys are buyers??? Dude, we're buyers too!!! We're like buyer buddies. Don't you hate it when you're like buying something, and it doesn't come? Christ. But anyway, you're buying all this stuff - surely you sell it, right? Lemme know what you sell, I might buy it -- because -- if you remember from earlier -- I'm a frickin' buyer!! I'm totally into buying right now. People have been telling me to settle down and stop buying so much but there's _so much_ out there that needs to be bought. Like what kind of foodstuffs do you sell? Sometimes I sell dogfood, I don't know if that would be called a "foodstuff." I mean, for some people, maybe. Brrr. Couldn't do it myself, rather just starve. I mean, they grind up the worst parts of cows to make that. And here's the corker -- they used to feed dead dogs and cats to cows! So it's like this exciting cycle of chowing down that totally blows that "food chain" theory right out of the water. You could feed rhinos to mice! Man can do anything now, and it's allbecause people want to buy stuff. That's where we come in.

2001nov08. Okay, I'll bite: Why do people think you are a candy factory? I look forward to your caustic, sarcastic and patronizing reply. Handy Internet tip: if you click on a URL in most email programs while you are connected to the Internet, your browser will automatically go to that page. Neat, huh?


2001nov02. Subject: Cardhouse Candy And Gumverks GmbH / Ms. Mabel Brouche

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was but a child when I first tasted your heavenly confectionaries. I do realize that the original establishment has been acquired, re-acquired and renamed again and again since 1978, but I am curious if Ms. Mabel Brouche still has remained employed there through the many reorganizations? If not, do you know how I could track her down? She would look forward to receiving my letters every week as your Consumer Relations Secretary. On January 18, 1981 (I saved all of our contact), I sent her a necklace but I stopped receiving her lovely scented replies.

One day, I noticed my nephew had a packette of chocolate cigarettes. I saw the manufacturer, and remembered Mabel!

I find the production of confectionary cigarettes extremely distasteful. I must admit I do remember buying chocolate cigarettes when I was younger. I realized my nephew's confection (which I confiscated) wasn't adequately coated with flour or talcum powder to create the illusion of smoking a cigarette. If you are going to produce confectionary cigarettes, you might as well do them right and keep your quality guarantee! Expect a written letter requesting a refund.

Please be so kind and send me coupons.

Forever yours,
Stephan B.

2001oct23. Hi, I'm a promotional material supplier, and am having difficulty locating 5000 brandable candy cigarettes. Can you help? A 1930's brand would be cool.. Please mail me back asap.

Look forward to hearing from you.

2001oct23. Sir: I do enjoy very much the smaller version of the Necco wafers candy. I am 69 years old, and ever since I can remember I have loved the Necco Wafers. But, because of retirement I have had to stop eating the Necco Wafers as the pension check I get each month does not allow me to splurge money on canddies. But, A certain supermarket chain by the name of Albertson's here in Houston Texas began to sell the miniature Necco Wafer candys, they are called Stark Candy Wafers. So once again because of their low selling price, I have been able to buy and enjoy these delicious candy wafers. But, Now, Albertsons has been cutting out the sales of Stark Candy Wafers. I have been buying them by the carton they come in. What I need is an address or a telephone number so that I can order these stark candy wafers. They are not listed in this website. thank you

2001oct09. Hi, my name is Yngve Rørnes T. I was looking for who sells Chocolate filled Christmas calenders? and if you could give me some contact info to those people?


Best Regards:
Yngve Rørnes T.

2001sep26. To whom it may concern:

I am writing regarding a group tour for our home school group. I use to work at the Stark Candy company in Pewaukee and I loved it! I thought that we could take a tour if available. We have a group of home school kids starting at the age of 6 and up. The group consists of at least 15-35. Could you send me details asap. What the tour consists of, how much, what time frame, etc. I appreciate your time and I hope that I have received the correct e-mail address. I would like a tour in Pewaukee, WI.

Mrs. Herman

2001sep07. I was trying to get in touch with world candies in order to complete sets of their packets issued here in the UK. The distributor here does not have the facilities to access particular sets. Great site you have - I thought I was the only one trying to obtain information about World Candies products!!!


2001aug08. "Mapleton" used to be a brand of pipe tobacco here in the U.S. It came in a yellow can with the maple leaf logo, etc. Like so many other things, it is now only available in Mexico...as cigarettes? Sigh.

2001jul31. Do you have e-mail contact details of Ferton-France or Dutch manufacturer? Any ideas who distributes them in them in the UK

2001jul06. Hey, you have a neat site. I've been trying to track down some bubble gum smokes for quite some time. (My letters to Swell fell on deaf ears.) Well, i finally found a distributor in CA. I also came across your site during my search. it's good to see someone's documenting the history behind these things. Keep it up!

2001jun25. Perhaps you might know if it is still possible to get the origional Popeye Cigs that were made in England starting 1959 (Primrose Confectionary). Or if not, then are there any out there that taste the same, because "World Candies" version certainly do not.

Thank You.

2000dec16. Tom L., a friend of mine, brought these back from Japan. I tried an orange one, nothing special.


2000sep01. Made in Holland. Sold in Japan. Spanish name. It's a candy cigarette melting-pot.


2000jul30. Dear Sirs,

I wish to report that the candy cigarettes that I bought for you a year or more ago were found and consumed by the kids, moreover they threw the wrappers from our 7th-floor windows.

I remain, sirs, your obedient servant.


But if you're "Ma," then that means that one of the "kids" throwing the wrappers out of the windows was ... me. If I am my doctor's son, yet of all brothers I have none, can I afford medical insurance while unemployed? This is a popular "brain teaser" which you may have heard of before, but with a new, modern twist.

2000jul30. Meow...Looking through the candy smokes^W stix thing, and happened to notice the 'Kings' brand:

they actually look like Pall Malls, what my father used to smoke when I was a kid. I don't remember the white chevron, but the crown at the bottom was definitely there...

It's actually more of a hybrid between Marlboro and Pall Malls. I'll diagram it someday, the list of things to do, candy cigarettes-wise, is long and unforgiving.

2000jul02. You can actually buy cigarettes in Europe in small packs such as these.

I'm not sure why it is they sell them in smaller packs - perhaps b/c cigarettes are so expensive over there? Who knows. - Nicole


2000may19. I am looking for a japanese gum called felix. Do you know where I can get a hold of any?

Oooh, jeez, Felix! No. Is that related to the cat? I'll keep an eye out for you. .. you're interested in it for the gum itself? Like one pack? Or multiples? Do you live near a big city?

I am looking for it for the gum yes. I live in a small city in new york. I want to purchase a case of it, because it is so hard to find. I doubt you can get it here in the states. Thank you, fo your help

Three years later, I actually saw Felix gum.

2000apr04. For some reason, i find cardhouse.com fascinating. Perhaps a note on your showing of "Victory" candy cigarettes.

There's a literary reference here. "Victory" is the brand that Winston Smith smoked in George Orwell's novel "1984". That's what inspired me to buy a pack when I saw them at a candy store in Chicago last year. --- Jim M.

2000feb28. We would like some information on purchasing candy cigarettes and cigars for a charity event we plan to hold in November. Please advise. thanks Toni K.

2000jan18. looking for a sypplier of candy cigarettes in the "four-pack" size. I need 300 packs. Thanks, Tony.

P.S. No man I don't have a sweet tooth, I'm replicating old army K rations but I didn't want to use real cigs.

1999jun14. Purchased for you at Candy Shoppe in Intervale, New Hampshire.


1999jun11. Enjoy!

There's plenty more where these came from!


1999jun07. Dear Cardhouse,

Voila, as promised, some candy cigarette packets ...

I must admit that this bunch does not look very interesting; I'll keep an eye out for more curious specimens, so be patient and more will follow. As you've probably worked out for yourself, European Union regulations prohibit the use of the term "candy cigarettes" - there's no mistaking them once they're out of the pack, though. (I've left a couple in - they're probably just dust after their travels.)

I did enjoy the "thumbs up" animated gif.

My 6-year-old daughter, who has never had candy cigarettes before, asked me if they were for learning to smoke ...

Much love,
Marc T.
Paris, France

1999apr08. Dear Cardhouse,

Here are the cigarette packets I said I'd send.

The six similar packets are from chocolate cigarettes and the other one is from candy cigarettes. I hope they are useful to you.

Oxford UK

1999feb26. Here is a package from some Brazillian chocolate cigarettes.

Do with it as you see fit.

Larry H.

1998apr10. Man, sorry but I threw out a pack a few weeks ago. The name was "Kind" It looked like they were copying Kent cigarettes. I don't remember where I got them, but they were cheap chocolate cigs, wrapped in white paper. I had another pack that was red but I don't remember the name. If by some slight chance they turn up, I will let you know, and send them to you. sorry to say I think I threw them out because a mouse had been chewing on one of the packs that had been sitting on a shelve under my kitchen counter. Do you have any Rat Fink stickers?

Threw 'em out. Around a few weeks ago.

1998apr10. that's supposed to be a pack of pall malls (okay, crossed with a pack of marlboros) with a name to suggest chesterfield kings.

man, how can that make you think candy?


1998apr10. I'm trying to get hold of Lotte chewing gum in the US (Reno, Nevada). I specifically like the Sweetie, Muscat, Blueberry, and Mango flavors. I have a bunch of friends in the office who would also like somewhere to obtain this gum. Let me know if you can help-
Amy C.
Reno, NV

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