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Little BobDog (cocoa)
Orion (Japan - 1999)

Bobdog confuses me. What exactly is going on here? He's drinking a mug of cocoa, he's surprised, he's riding a raft of cocoa-flavored candy cigarettes, he's about to make a point, what? It's almost as if he knows he's just a pathetic shuffling adman.

The "let me tell you something" gesture reminds me of my small group of friends. Whenever someone takes a picture of more than one of us, we will automatically fall into one of two poses: "let me tell you something" with the outstretched finger, or the "that's quite interesting" hand-on-chin-and-furrowed-brow. The first time, it's funny - the second through the hundredth time it's stupid, but then, after you look back, it's funny again. No, really. Try it.