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Cigarette Pack
Orion (Japan - 1999)

Orion has been manufacturing "cocoa cigarettes" since its inception in 1948. "Little Bobdog" is apparently just another cute little comical character who exists only to shill product - in Bobdog's case, beach balls, playing cards, baby clothing, notebooks, PVC figurines, web sites, ATM cards, shirts, etc. You know the drill. Bobdog is just another brand. Bobdog is the company. Anyway, he also smokes. I mean uses. I mean eats candy cigarettes.

What gives with the Uncle Sam hat, though? "Candy cigarettes ... your best American value?" Orion does sell product here, but you'll be hard-pressed to find it outside of Japanese supermarkets in Manhattan and various dense Californian areas.

Let's crack open this three-pack and see what's inside, shall we?