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Locating the Little People
by Mark Simple

Where'd They All Go?

Possibly even sadder than the reconfiguration of the Little People is the eventual collector's market that this will create; but thankfully there's enough playsets out there to keep the nostalgic brush-fire from consuming the naive ($1000 for an old cereal box?). Here are some helpful suggestions on where to find . . . THE LITTLE PEOPLE.

Your Own House

Incredibly, your original sets may be stashed away in your parents' attic, the basement, or the garage. Make that overdue visit, and tear up the place when they're not looking.


Casually profess an interest in the Little People, and friends may just dump sets on you. Also, your relatives may have kids away at college, and a vintage Airport tucked away in their house. Promise them you'll do yard work or something.

Garage/rummage sales

Probably the funnest way to rebuild your Little People Master World. You'll probably find that most of the sets have pieces missing, and this knowledge is your key to negotiation. Statistics hint: the richer the neighborhood, the richer your selection!

Bits & Pieces

A catalog of replacement parts put out by Fisher-Price, Bits & Pieces enables you to buy, among hundreds of other pieces, the Vulture from the Zoo, the Fuel Car from the Airport, or Lucky! Proceed with caution; a salesperson from Fisher-Price insisted the entire back stock had been melted - the next day, a customer representative said they had "lots." Good luck. (Fisher-Price Consumer Affairs, 636 Girard Ave., East Aurora, NY 14052-1880)

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