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The Only Record Review You're Going to Find On This Site So You
Better Goddamn Lick It Up, Baby

by @Man

Elektra 9 61468-2

I want everyone to know that I have conducted an objective, controlled experiment recently.

HYPOTHESIS: The new Bjork album does not suck, and may even quality as SPIFFY.

METHOD: See Appendix A



1) Listening to the new Bjork album causes considerably less prostate cancer than listening to Zappa albums.
2) Amazing use of saxophones does not irritate experimentor.
3) That rat's nest turns me on.
4) Debut contains at least 20% post-industrial fiber.
5) The new Bjork album cleans teeth and freshens breath better than other leading albums.
6) A copy of the new Bjork album was transplanted into a man with a failing pancreas, and now he's doing fine.

CONCLUSION: Debut does not suck. Debut is SPIFFY. If you purchase DAT tapes for your own original work, you should use up some of those spare music tax credits taping this for yourself from a friend. If not, just steal a copy from Musicland or Sam Goody. Remember: Theft isn't a sin if you ask forgiveness before you die.

APPENDIX A: [omitted for brevity]

APPENDIX B: [omitted for brevity]