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Toys in Japan (continued).

Monchichi. (Harajuku)

Yes, it's Monchichi. The monkey that teaches kids to suck their thumbs. Hot in Japan for some reason.

Are those space suits you're wearing there, kids? Because last time I checked, astronauts can't be thumb-suckers.

Blue Cross Girls. (Harajuku)

The rabbit teases the mouse and offers the promise of flight. That is Blue Cross Girls style.

Raccoon. (Harajuku)

Rascal Raccoon SO CUTE

How can so much food be so tiny? (Harajuku)

These are tiny foodual items. They are very small. You could put one on your celphone strap. You could hide that bowl of chili in your ear canal. You could etc.

Rune Naito. (Harajuku)

See, unlike horses, you can draw cats ten thousand different ways and they're all just so cute.

Nyanko Burger (The Kittens In Your Foodstuffs). (Harajuku)

These kittens are crammed! I want to like the kittens who have backed their asses into various food items, but I'm put off by the theoretical hygiene issues. If I found two kittens in my french fries, for example, I would throw that bag o' fries in the garbage. After procuring a small cardboard box for the kittens, of course. Look at them! [shows you box] SO CUTE

Nyanko Burger (Someone Call The Board of Health). (Harajuku)

"Irrashimase! Welcome to Nyanko Burger, how can I help you?"

"Yeah, I'll take two kitten cram burgers, and how about an eclair with a fluffy, impossibly-tiny kitten all BTFU into it?"

"Would you like to super-size your feline-infested meal with our new strawberry floating kitten drink?"

"Yeah ... HELL YEAH!"

"Your total is 10249 Yen1, please pull through."

Nyanko Burger (This Burger Is Ridiculously Crunchy). (Harajuku)

For the discriminating kitten crammer, they also have larger food-cattified stuffed items.

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