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toys in Japan (continued).

Flapping penguin pacifier. (Shinjuku)

This is a small pacifier that has a little penguin on the front. When you (you) suck on it, the penguin flaps its arms. Babies can stop slacking off right now and start amusing us.

Cram Cream. (Shinjuku)

Cram cream. OH! NICE! That is the only reason I took this photo. I don't even know what these are. Cram cream.

Funi Funi Frog, rollin' down a rainbow. (Harajuku)

These frogs are totally funi. The one with the skull on it is labelled "Bomb Frog." Watch out for him.

ChokeFriends!® (Harajuku)

It's the ChokeFriends!® Plush, lovable pals who enjoy having their air supplies cut off.

"Can't ... breathe ... ohsogood"


Coming Soon: ChokeFriends!® In Space® Playset™

AngelsInBrine!® (Harajuku)

These are tiny angelic figures sequestered in a small jar of yellowish fluid. This was at the toy store. I "played" with one by staring at it for a full three seconds and then I ran away.

Parody Products. (Harajuku)

Parody Products! Making fun of things by labelling it a parody! Is it a meta-parody of parody products? Is it laziness? I don't know!

Kigurumix. (Harajuku)

Kigurumix translates from the Japanese "kigu" meaning "guy" and "rumix" meaning "wearing big animal costume." One for the furries.

Kigurumix. (Harajuku)

Several for the furries. These were all moving their arms, I guess that's what the button is supposed to do. Hey, I'm a big duck walking down the street, look at me there ... now I'm turning the corner ...

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