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Note: If you are even remotely considering going to Burning Man, please read the following articles about Burning Man 1999:

Dr. Cliff
Deuce of Clubs

Cross-Country Burn (1995).

A two-man crew crosses the country in a rented sports-utility vehicle,
stopping at Yellowstone and Burning Man. Later, they find out they are
driving much too fast. Laughter ensues.

Day 1: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin
Day 2: Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming
Day 3: Wyoming (Yellowstone)
Day 4: Wyoming, Idaho
back-up rabbit R.I.P. Day 5: Idaho, Utah, Nevada
Day 6: Nevada, California
Day 7: California
Day 8: California, Nevada
Day 8: Nevada (Burning Man)
Day 9: Nevada (Burning Man)
Day 10: Nevada (Burning Man)
Day 10: Nevada
Day 11: Nevada, Utah, Wyoming
Day 12: Nebraska, Iowa
Day 13: Iowa, Illinois
Day 14: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan