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Musée Mécanique (4).

I have a smaller version of this amusement device at home which consists of a frayed electrical cord with exposed wires.

The Carnival. This beautiful detailed mechanical masterpiece was built by a carnival showman who was injured, forcing his retirement. His love of the gay and exciting amusement world inspired him to design and build this magnificent miniature carnival.

A lot of these figures move when you insert your coin, music plays, etc. A similar attraction (located in Michigan) theoretically created by the "Butcher of Alcatraz" has more precise and smaller-scaled movement, but this one is much larger.

Back in the day, you could smash atoms for a dime. Now it costs fifty scree-billion dollars.

I purchased a "La Smello" cigar the other day. I was not pleased.

Carnies don't wear ties anymore because they might get caught in the machinery.

Cat punks. I don't know what the man is doing with that paddle/pancake. Or, perhaps it is fry bread. Waffle? Frisbee®? Paddle? I said that one.

I like the little pig in the corner, he looks so helpless there. Don't worry little guy. I've called "911" and they said I'm under arrest for abusing a public service. So I gave them this address. Then they'll see you and save you. Pretty tricky, huh? You know you snort when you laugh, right?

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