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Musée Mécanique (3).

Another favorite. About halfway through the race, I usually become exhausted and screw around with the other person's controls. I'm sure some very smart person has written a dissertation on this strange cross-wiring of virtual and real domains.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... sobering up ... I'm still in this freakin' diorama?"

To "play" this game you're supposed to hold onto the handles and see how high the voltage can go before you quit. I watched one kid go "all the way" through it. I guess he "won."

That ladies' undergarment is glowing very brightly.

There's something magical and exciting about Pixieland. I don't want to destroy the sense of wonder, so I have resisted putting some money in the machine for many years now. There could be an entire world in there, I will just never know.

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