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Sunday March 26th.

Payphone location: Wharf Fish & Chips, San Francisco, California. The phone number of the current phone (this page is an archived phone) is, as always, displayed via the logo to the left. Here's a short list of all the ways you can work the payphone magic.

Picture of payphone

These two payphones are only a few steps away from the Musée Mécanique. You can also crane your neck around the back and see boats leaving the pier, as the photograph below illustrates. The other phone number is 415 885 9030.

another picture of payphone

Wednesday, March 29th.

i have a question does it cost to call the pay phones above

Nope, it's totally free to call. From anywhere. It's on the house. Go ahead, champ. Make that call.

Friday, March 31st.

I tried calling around 3:45 EST, and I'm pretty sure someone hung up on me. Poor phones, why does no one pay attention to them?

Meagunn H.

Friday, March 31st.

Let it ring for awhile, no answer. :( It *is* 4:45am there, though.

Dont u have LIVE streaming video as well? Thhought u did...

That was the previous phone. Finding a working incoming-calls-accepted payphone that also has a webcam pointed at it is difficult.

Saturday, April 1st.

Talked to a guy who interrogated me.

"What's your name?"
"Where did you get the number?"
"Why are you calling this phone?"
Et cetera.

Finally when I had answered all his questions he just said "Well I wish you goodluck and have a good night" and hung up.

Tuesday, April 4th.

I called yesterday several times. Once it sounded like a couple was looking something up in a phone book and hadn't heard the ring -
Man: Here, I think it's B-e-l-l...
Woman: LET ME DO IT!
Man: ...e-l-l...
*click* they hung up.
Another call resulted in a Tourette's-like incident-
Me: Pardon?
Boy: FART!
Me: Hello?
*click* he hung up.
Sadly, the other two people hung up after hello.... They were in a hurry, I suppose.

Reno, Nevada

Melissa got two of the best calls ever. I wonder if she realizes her good fortune. Garbage bunny.

Called at 6pm Pacific time, a guy with an accent picked up. I asked if it was "the war" and he said yes. Then I asked if it smelled, he laughed and said yes.

Then he said someone else wanted to speak to me, a woman with an accent said hello, then hung up.

Next I want to ask if that guy is there playing techno and doing paintings.

This is Chris, you heard from me around 6pm. It's 6:50, and I got through again.

Some dude picked up the phone, I asked if it was the Warf and he confirmed. Then he asked where I was, I told him Stockton, CA, he says he "has no idea where the fuck that is". I informed him it's about 1.5 hours east of the bay area, then he swore about something.

He says: "You got some fucking sniper on me or something?"
Me:"Hey you saw that movie too!"
Him:"I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about man, but I'm a hot bitch and I'm fingering myself right now"
Me:"Good to hear, how's it feel?"
Him:"You should take your pants off"
Me:"That's definitely appropriate"

Him: *Click*

Wow, is it getting hot in here or is it none of us? Something's definitely in the water today at Fisherman's Wharf, you betcha.

I hardly think they were the best ever, I wish I could have talked to a recent parolee like that guy from the Santa Monica phoneswarm... I had a lot of material, my callers were simply uncooperative.
Great idea, pranking is rad. Here I am, a 27 year old network admin after work in the car, calling random people in Frisco. The fact that I'd been to that exact spot more than 20 times in my life made it all the more hilarious for some lame reason.
You rock. I'm just pissed because I wish I'd thought of it first.
I'm so totally linking you.

Melissa (again) Reno, NV

Friday, April 7th.

SWWEEEETEST chick answered...
Me: Hello... hey how's it goin?
Her: Great.
Me: So are you like at the Wharf?
Her: Yeah we are.
Me: Are there sea lions hanging out?
Her: Actually, we were just about to go down and find out. We're looking for a spot.
Me: Cool, so then I'll call you back in like a half hour.
Her: Okaaaay.
Me: Alright, late.
Her: Okay, bye.

Those sea lions are always there. They need to get jobs. Animals in general need clothes and employment.