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owned by Guy Worthy

I was the first to modify my truck. I originally had all these grandiose plans, then settled for command parts lying around the house. This translated to numerous backplane brackets removed from the expansion slots of PC cases. I drilled holes in the front bumper and attached the slot covers using their premade screw notch. I then bent the brackets slightly to aim fully forward. It was this modification that kept me undefeated until that fateful day. The day when Weird showed up with an improvement on my design. Rounded skewers that hug the ball and allow him to turn and maintain control of the ball. I still won that day, but it would be the last time I could be undefeated. As he finally learned to control his new weapon, my simple bracket became as antiquated as the typewriter.

Epilogue: Last match I experimented with two PC slot covers taped together in a U-shape. It looked like a dung beetle. The results were promising.