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owned by Weird

Ball handling is this truck's first priority. Grab the ball and run for the goal. The one big problem with being a good ball handler is it's the equivalent of painting a target on your truck. The Bug got its name from the two feelers that stick out from the front bumper. Red with a black stripe starting from the front of the hood and coming to a V in the bed, this paintjob has held up well. The Bug is still looking for a sponsor, plenty of room for stickers!

Bugs modification is made from a screen door support ($6 at Builder Square), four nuts and bolts, and two scrap pieces of metal. The first mod lasted for the first season and a several games of the second season. The flattened area of the support rod finally gave out. The second mod will have a little more reinforcement. An add-on modification is in the works, a flame thrower is in alpha testing. The igniter is still a problem and the butane runs out much to fast. Mounting a small seat in the back for a mouse failed horribly, mice are just as curious as cats!

Favorite Plays:
I love the stop shot, run "balls out" for the goal and stop short, sending the ball in by itself. I love when the trucks flip, I don't even mind it it's mine.