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owned by Phil

Brilliantly designed and artfully rendered in the basic Army Colors; Sand Brown, Olive Drab, Black and Forest Green. Decals also represent the patriotic feelings of the truck owner i.e.. (American Flags, Eagle red white and blue pinstripes, and a bold statement of the American Lifestyle 'Go for the Gold').

This truck was the third to be purchased and the fourth to be completed. The only modifications made to the vehicle were the paint and decals. This truck was designated as a popper/blocker.

From the outcome of past games, I can say that I excel in blocking and flipping opponents vehicles while maintaining control and operability of my own RC. As far as popping is concerned, I'm not bad, but there is definitely room for vast improvement.

As of this date, the only damage incurred to my vehicle has been the loss of the front grill work, and minor scrapes in the paint. This is mostly due to major kicks from opponent's boots when they attempt to free their trucks from the death grasp I have put on them during our combat/game.