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Technical Info

Currently, all the trucks being used in the American Truck Soccer League are Nikko Scorpion II's. These trucks are 19"x9"x8", can move at up to speeds of 10mph, and are powered by rechargeable nicad 9.6v battery packs (which, in reality, are actually eight AA nicads taped together). Each of these battery packs takes four to five hours to recharge after you've drained one. They only last approximately 15 minutes, so you can see how having one isn't going to last an entire game of Truck Soccer. Sure you can.

Original Investment
80.00 Scorpion II remote-control truck
20.00 Rechargeable nicad 9.6v battery pack
??.00 Battery charger

Selected parts list
16.70 Body
03.60 Receiving antenna
29.95 Transmitter
03.75 Transmitter battery lid (!!!)
07.85 Crystal set (for one frequency)
05.00 Tire set (2)


With six people racing trucks all around living hell, there's going to be a lot of wear and tear on the actual vehicles. In fact, if you add up the distance each truck has travelled smacking that soccer ball around, you'd get a pretty big number, as far as numbers go.

97oct07 One player has been having problems with the steering of his truck. When the remote is centered, the truck is turning a tight circle. What's he going to do?

You know, not that this is related to anything, but I remember when I was a little kid playing stupid video games on the Atari 2600, and we'd wear out the joysticks. So we'd buy new ones, and switch the insides so the new joystick had the old burnt out pad and plastic from the old joystick. Then we'd return the "new" joystick.

97sep23 The one big fear of the manly Truck Soccer player is stepping on his own truck (someone else's truck, hey who cares?). C.H. smashes down on his during a goalie battle. One of the screws in his truck blasts through a bit of the axle plastic. Amazingly, it takes only five minutes to fix and C.H. is BACK in the game! Go C.H.!

97sep14 Nyxyxylyth blows a tie-rod on his truck. A call to Nikko scores him a new one plus several other small parts, including a new set of tires. He's a walking pitstop!