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MAY 24 1998
get it? from the nbc hit series "everyone loves raymond"?
is it nbc? who cares?

We begin the soccering on a puddle-infested bit of concrete. The Rock's claw mechanism is looking haggard. Both the Rock and Pokey have yet to replace their missing body cotter pins with something other than sticks and paper clips. It's a sad, wet day in Truck Soccer land. You can feel the disappointment in the air - the fans can feel it too. Sales of Truck Soccer marital aids are WAY down today. On an upbeat note, Blackhole has flipped his back guard and installed it on the front of his truck, to help "pop" the soccer ball out of jams. I mean, that's his job, he's a popper. He pops things. He has that knack.

Game 1
Team A:  10   -- The Bug, Bug2
Team B:   7   -- The Rock, Blackhole, The Pokey
If anyone had even the slightest doubt that The Bug was dominating the game of Truck Soccer with its clawsy-claws, this would be the game to turn that doubt around or whatever. The Bug - dominated. The other players were forced to eke out a modicum of entertainment by spinning out in small puddles by each of the goals. The second game was incomplete, or maybe I just didn't write it down. It's officially incomplete now, dammit.

Post-op: The Rock went back and modified his truck so now it looks just like The Bug. The next game should be interesting. Actually, all games of Truck Soccer are interesting. The fans know it. You know it. We...know it.