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APR 25 1998

This is the first time in Truck Soccer history that all seven vehicles have shown up for a game. The fans, normally subdued and/or mildly sedated, have taken this opportunity to jump up and down and scream in a passionate manner. The players are mildly embarassed and immediately ask for pay raises.

Game 1
Team A:  10   -- The Rock, Blackhole, Pokey, Boomerang
Team B:   4   -- Bug, Army, Bug2
Since there are seven trucks on the field and only six frequencies, the overlapping frequency trucks (Boomerang and Bug2) elect to become goalies for each team. That's good sportmanship, is what that is. The score's A-2 B-1 when The Bug loses one of the ball-carrier arms. At A-5 B-1, The Rock's PC slot covers snap around the ball, making it really, really seem like this could be the new generation of ball-carrying appendages but future play will dash that notion all to hell. On the next goal, The Rock and Pokey pull off some kind of futuristic pass-and-rush play that leaves them jubliant and cocky. After this goal, Bug is able to reattach his missing arm, and scores immediately to drive the point home. Then there's a nice big volley between Team A (it says right here in my notes "Big volley", at first I thought it said "Big Valley"). Then Bug scores on himself by driving in the ball backward. It's that twitchy stuff you get when you're right at the goal and facing the wrong way; do I push UP on the controller to go forward or backward? After a few more goals, Bug loses his arm again and the match ends 10-4.

The next game was incomplete, but featured a nice cross-court goal from Blackhole and one of the Bug's famous immediate-goal rushes. But then it was time for dinner or raining or dark.