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MARCH 29 1998

Our second season of Truck Soccer finds us with exceptional weather. It reminds me of a poem by Keats, something about leaves or whatever. We're still looking for that "special" outdoor arena to give Truck Soccer the exposure it rightfully deserves.

Exhibition Match
Team A:  2   -- Rock, Black
Team B:  0   -- Army (sub), The Bug
The SEASON OPENING GAME is a two-on-two exhibition match, as one of the players (Pokey) was temporarily indisposed by minor surgery. Another player (Army) is not present, and one of the thousands of Truck Soccer spectators gladly takes his place. The Rock scores the first goal of the season and the team rallies on to win.
Game 2
Team A: 10   -- The Bug, Army (sub), Pokey
Team B:  4   -- Black, Boomerang, Rock
The first full-length game OF THE SEASON gets off to a great start with some amazing plays that I've already forgotten about. Halfway through the game, The Bug pulls off what may be the world's tiniest lawn job; five minutes later, the homeowner comes out to check his gutterspouts, oblivious to the two square inches of heinous damage to his well-tended lawn. Pokey begins playing an ultra-defensive game until Rock and Boomerang flush the ball from him and score in what had to have been the play of the day. I'd describe it but I'm still out of breath! Sure! Hopped up on a combination of derring-do and pain pills, The Bug scores the last three goals on immediate ball rushes. New rules are discussed.
Game 2
Team A: 10   -- The Bug, Pokey
Team B:  5   -- Black, [Boomerang] , Rock
Three on two. Was Team A's win just a FLUKE? Let's find out.

Just before play, Rock decided to further modify his vehicle. Not content with metal PC slot covers for claws, he adds a large, freaky stick intended to do God knows what. At 2-2, Rock goes completely insane and adds broken bits of a five-wood golf club via duct tape. Man, that's one sick looking vehicle. At 5-4, The Bug takes a crystal from his other truck and jams it into his remote - this crystal has the same frequency as Boomerang's truck, so he can drive it all around.

Boomerang: "HEY! Who's DRIVING MY TRUCK!"
Har! At 6-4, Boomerang has to leave the game to make an important Truck Soccer conference call, levelling the playing field.

At 7-5, The Bug pretty much pulls a repeat performance of Game 1, driving dropped balls immediately into the goal. 8-5. 9-5. 10-5 - game.