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September was Truck Soccer's "growth" month. Learning to drive, learning to score, making up rules, getting rid of rules (like the retarded "holding your remote up so we know you're ready" rule).

Team A: 10   -- Rock, The Bug, Army
Team B:  7   -- Blackhole, Pokey
Three man ball sweep! If you look closely, you'll notice that Rock is picking up The Bug's rear wheels.

Everyone's getting better at ball handling, enhancements or no. It's universally agreed that Blackhole is the game's MVP.

The neighbor kid comes over. He's been watching the games, and he went and bought a smaller Jeep. It's the same one that C.H. bought at the start of Truck Soccer, but then was returned because the larger Scorpion II trucks just roll all the hell over it. It also has a frequency bleed problem with The Rock, so there's no way of incorporating it into the game.

The soccer ball is thrown in the air on the tip-off (the snap? the what?) to prevent goal rushes. It is quickly abandoned.