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Main Area
Team A:  8   -- Rock, Blackhole, Pokey
Team B:  2   -- The Bug, Army, Boomerang
  [called on account of dark] 

The Rock, hanging out in the gutter between scoring drives.

Our teams for this game were chosen through an intricate series of coin flips, never to be repeated again.

One of the neighbors brought her dog out for a walk. This dog does not like trucks.

At one point during the game, Army was thrown on top of Pokey, who proceeded to drive around in a showboat manner ("Okay, I've taken one out...").


I don't have any data for this week, so I'm putting up pictures from future battles. This was one of the first feasibility tests of Truck Soccer. This was also the week we tried to use real, actual field hockey nets, and that was a complete disaster. The nets were really shallow and quite portable, as a few people found out by getting tangled in the nets and driving away ("You can't make goals anymore because...there is no goal").