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Macros2000: Your Affordable Non-Emergency Response Service.

07jun07. I TODALLY added a bunch of new macros, didn't you check?

06jun21. And now, 38 more macros. Getting crowded in here. Can you open a window? I don't feel so hot. I'm going to go home.

06jun20. There are 25 new macros, at least.

06jun04. Mail.

I want to read the recently added macros, but it's a pain to have to go through every letter and find ones I haven't read. Could you maybe have a "date added" archive? or maybe a page of recently added macros? If that's too much of a pain, I understand, but it would really make the site more reader-friendly.

I love this site, btw. Cardhouse and anything Cardhouse-related (DOC, Macros, etc) are awesome. is a Cardhouse-friend, not Cardhouse-related. And you forgot Phoneswarm. Ha. Poor little neglected website. NO GRUEL FOR YOU! SIT IN THE CORNER! SIT!

I was going to code up something for recently-added macros, but I thought I'd wait until someone mentioned it because it would be a semi-pain to program. "That will take a few weeks, at least." Guess I was wrong. So I carved a few hours out of my street luging and made it. And of course, I added a few more macros as well.

2006may28. Started to put macros up. Take a look around. You could start with tags, perhaps. Get in on the ground floor and add your own. Be the envy of your "peer group."

2003mar01. All the issues are sold out. There is something a wee bit larger than a magazine in "production," which means absolutely nothing. I am accepting submissions. I am the acceptor.

2002mar21. Macros2000 #7 is sold out. There are no more #7s available. See above!

2002feb26. Ah, here's the experimental AT&T speech synthesis page.

2002jan02. A smooth EU currency changeover is of crushing importance to the Macros2000 team. We are accepting pre-EU currencies at par during these trying times. Dig those drachmas out from under the bed and spend! Spend like the wind!

2001dec31. Mail.

If you enjoy speech synthesis, you'll really love this:

A chronological review of speech synthesis systems, .wav format

I ran across that link during my research, but like my momma always says, "did you bring enough for everyone?" I've lost track of the new IBM voice synthesizer, it's on the net somewhere.

2001dec21. A realaudio-stream of the NOAA Radio Service for Arizona offers lots of sunny talk. It cuts out every few minutes or so, you can just press play again to continue the hot robot action.

2001dec19. Again, for those of you with the magazine, here's the actual sample of the woman who "sounds like" the girl on the ole' Shake 'n' Bake commercial (special thanks to Deuce of Clubs):

"It's not fried ... etc" [106k]

2001dec14. For those of you who have purchased Macros2000 7, two samples of the lttle DECTalk robot saying "it was sunny" are available here:

"It was sunny" [24k]
All sorts of sunny [1251k]

The second quote is a 40-second snippet of a recent broadcast featuring the phrase "it was sunny" with a special appearance by the phrases "it was mostly sunny" and "it was partly sunny."

2001dec14. I have received many more dollars in the mail, and most people are including interesting bits of ephemera which makes me giddy with joy. I received a North Carolina dollar from Natalie S. of NYC, and Amanda B. from Oklahoma included the ribbon to the right. I'm very proud.

2001dec14. Macros2000 is on patrol! We're on patrol! We're patrolling ... patrolling ... okay, we've stopped patrolling for awhile. We're eating lunch now.

And now the eating is over. We're through eating lunch, and we're back on patrol!