dr. cliff meets the oscar mayer wienermobile!

oh, yes i did.

HotDoggers Liz and Amit, hamming it up for the camera. This is their job! Driving this bitchin' thing around, smiling at people! I want their job. Not surprisingly, there is fierce competiton for these coveted positions. Oscar Mayer recruits fresh college grads for one-year stints as HotDoggers.

The interior maintains the theme. The molded dash looks like a pair of hot dogs, and the upholstery fabric is patterned to look like ketchup etc. is splattered all over it. Interior fit & finish is, like on the outside, surprisingly nice.
A rare glimpse of the hotdoggers off-duty.

Note to Corporate:

This photo was not taken at a pub, and I am NOT trying to convince the HotDoggers to do anything foolhardy or inappropriate with your Wienermobile.

It drives pretty well, actually, better than most RVs of its size. Despite being so far from the windshield, you feel confident right away, like you're driving a car. The new Beetle should be so easy to drive!

Amit told me that when this one was brand-new, a race-car hero (Foyt? Unser? I forget) took it out on the track at Indy, and broke 100 mph in a Wienermobile! (We didn't go nearly that fast.)

The best thing is, when you're driving a Wienermobile, you're a rockstar. Everyone honks, laughs, waves, takes your picture, etc. all the time. It's pretty cool, especially since the happy motorists can't hear what you're saying back to them through your forced smile!
OK, I have to confess. Although I intimated otherwise, I never actually drove the thing. And the pub-pic came much later in the day than the me-in-the-driver's-seat pic. Amit & Liz probably would get the axe for handing someone the keys . They did let me tag along as they went from one appearance to the next, though, so I rode in the Wienermobile for about ten miles, including some freeway riding. It really does ride better than any RV I've been in. And you really ARE a rockstar when you're in it, even if you're really just some wise-ass dentist otherwise.

A guy who came by to say hello to the HotDoggers told me that he could arrange for me to ride in the Wienermobile during a MardiGras parade. Why would anyone ever want to grow up, when opportunities like this keep coming along? Honestly.

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