dr. cliff meets the oscar mayer wienermobile!

oh, yes i did.

It wasn't too hard to find... there were no other 27-foot hot dogs on wheels in the area, so I figured this must be what I was looking for. It's interesting and exciting to realize that this enormous thing is a working motor vehicle.

This particular 'mobile is one of the 1995 models, based on a 2-ton Chevy truck chassis. I caught up with the crew (they're properly called HotDoggers) in front of a local grocery store, recruiting kids to sing in a nationwide jingle contest.
While the HotDoggers went about the task of entertaining the kids, I took a close look at this majestic beast. Overall fit & finish are pretty nice, much better than most one-off vehicles. Let's call it better than a Hyundai but not as good as a Lexus.

The design is thoughtful and no 'rough edges' were showing. Somebody in Detroit should get the builders (Bradley Automotive Design, Palo Alto, CA) on their payroll! This wacky 'corporate artcar' is an prime example of how to incorporate an outlandish concept into a functional device. It's not just a big hot dog screwed onto a truck body- it was purposefully built from the chassis up to be a Wienermobile. Nice!

Most passers-by didn't share my reverence for the beast. They just wanted to know if there were any free hot dogs!

Pearls before swine. No swine, swine!

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