Mazda-licious Bar & Grill
Grand Opening at BurningMan 1998!


The car that won't die, before & after transformation into a playa-prowling bar on wheels. In the left photo, it is parked directly behind its nemesis, the OTHER Mazda (also a red GLC). To avoid the jealousy and bickering that so often happens between cars, the OTHER Mazda was sent out-of-state.


 We conferred with dentists, lawyers, an ichthyologist, liquor-store clerks, a learned metaphysician, and several accomplished tavernauts. The result is a new vision for this beloved piece of machinery.


We converted the Mazda into a fully-functional bar-mobile.


The Mazda Bar & Grill made its debut at BurningMan 1998, nestled among the inebriazzi at BarKamp.  We drove it from L.A. (12 hours!), drank out of it, and slept (or passed out) in it on the playa, then drove it home.  Two bartstools sprouted from the hatch opening, and a butcher-block countertop covered the roof.  A modest rooftop tap dispensed various homebrewed intoxicants, including a 2 yr old mead that was 11% alcohol and delicious (although puked up by several BarKampers).  The sunroof opening was where the barkeep stood, amiably tapping our homwbrew for desert-parched ManBurners.  At least the ManBurners we liked... others were teased and derided, or much worse.
Next year... if there IS a next year, will see a propane grill installed on the hood.  And more beer. And maybe someplace better to sleep.


Wreck Room
Front Door
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9/9/99- Mazdalicious Update!