Mazdalicious Update!

Mazdalicious Bar-n-Grill made a triumphant return to Black Rock City during BurningMan99. As predicted last year, we were better equipped with a propane grill on the hood, more beer, and a better place to sleep.


  Our goal was to make the bar and grill operable while we drove around from bar to bar (and into some bars) on the playa. A good friend was on vacation in Europe, so we took his propane BBQ apart and mounted the kettle on the hood. The tank is behind the passenger front seat. A keg of Red Tail Ale was installed in place of the back seat, and run through a jockey-box to the roof-mounted tap. The bar itself is a nice piece of butcher-block that was Super-Gorilla's late grandmother's kitchen table. The barstools are screwed to a particle-board floor, custom-cut by Juggler.

kids, don't try this at home.

Because of this year's focus on making the car useful while driving, much high-speed beer-tap-testing was in order. Super-Gorilla took the wheel while Juggler tested barstool utility at speed. Sliding-car photos by Fancypants.  

Bar-patron safety was not compromised during the four-wheel drift test, although the desert dust turned the cup of beer into beermud. Beermud! The food of the future!

this could be YOU! but it's not.

  Also of note: driving while cooking caused flames to lick out of the bottom of the BBQ, providing a little show for the driver (and a chance to get distracted and crash into something).
Here's Mazdalicious nestled among some art-cars* during an elaborate center-camp prank. The expert gambler known only as Fancypants is manning the tap.

All in all, a resounding success-

  • Death Toll - 0
  • Collision Count - 0
  • Gallons of Beer Tapped - 15.5
  • Grill Production - 10 lbs. burger patties, 5 lbs. dogs, 3 tri-tips, 2 marinaated tenderloins.
  • Hours spent parked inside other bars - approx 12 (lost count)
  • Bar Fights - 1

*Mazdalicious was not registered as an art-car, but as a novelty vehicle. Everyone's a critic.

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