high adventure in the high desert!

Epilogue- I sent the *annoying bastard* a copy of my Gallstone, and a link to this photoessay, and made a little bet with Godfrey.
  My contention- He was an asshole to almost everyone at the gathering, and we'd all feel a little better if someone told him off. Maybe he could even understand his own folly.    
    Godfrey's prediction- he is so hungry for attention that he will relish any response, and incorporate it into even more fiction starring himself.  
  Well, here's the response I got:(my words in red)
Hey, thanks for sharing that, Cliff.  That was tres cool, both your mailing
and your website!

I really have to apologize for the whole Booth thing.  Looking back on it
and reading your take, I think you're right: I really didn't get it.  I
guess I had the wrong attitude, the wrong mindset.  I'll know better next
time, eh?  Are you going to go again?

And about the "Back to the Booth" on my truck...  Man, I don't know *what*
I was thinking!  I'm such an asshole!  You guys must have thought I was a
total tool!  I'm embarrassed for myself!

>thanks for the laughs, [dumb guy's name]. next time we need party entertainment, we'll
>dress up as reporters and invite you over.

Really?  That would be cool, but no reporters, okay?  Hey, if you're in
Santa Monica and I'm in the Valley, we live pretty close to each other.
Maybe we could hang out sometime!

See ya...
  So, I won the bet! I'm willing to take this at face value and figure the guy has just enough grace to accept being told his fly was down. He's not as small and pathetic as we thought.

If I were a 16-yr old online gamer, or unemployed
*, I would be anxious to turn this into a "flamewar". But I'm neither, so this is the end of the story.

No more attention for the lonely *four-hour-a-day* web surfer, and no more of my time wasted.
    * In Los Angeles, "unemployed" is pronounced "actor" if you're working a shit job, and "screenwriter" if you just sit on yer ass at home.