high adventure in the high desert!

Wagner takes a turn answering calls, aided by Wig. Or is it Ms. Wig? You decide.

Wagner not only lit into my beer stash, but availed himself of my faggy green sombrero. The beer was empty by the time we found him, but at least I got my faggy green sombrero back. It's quite a conversation-stopper.
And so the sun set on another phone booth excursion. All in all a fun couple of days, even with the occasional annoying bastard taken into account. Photo is of Tecopa Jane, not an annoying bastard. Just for clarity.

Thanks to everyone who called. The complete call log, and an alternate version of the excursion, will soon adorn Godfrey's site. We logged almost 200 calls from all over the world, but mostly from SoCal. Most were the 'typical' calls...

  • "phone booth. you are caller number [xxx]"
  • "hey, you answered the phone! have many people called?"
  • "you are caller number [xxx]." [awkward pause]
  • "are you guys really out in the desert? woooow!"
  • "yes." [awkward pause]
  • "what's it like out there?"
  • "it's hot. it's the desert." [awkward pause]
  • "wow..."
  • "thanks for calling..." [awkward pause]
  • Click.

Those are the real meat & potatoes, the real point of the pointlessness. Love 'em.

Many callers speculated that the booth will become the next BurningMan, or that it would be the perfect site for a Y2K "event". Several wondered why there was no live web-cam operating at the booth. We didn't have firm answers for any of these questions.

The most interesting call I took, was a tape loop of a Riddler riddle, culled from the old Batman TV show. If this was you, email me with the answer!