high adventure in the high desert!

Stocking up for a trip to the Mojave Phone Booth, I came across this juice blend in the local grocery.

Mojave magic!

It was obviously a sign. I grabbed three and drank one right away. It gave me some serious diarrhea. I took the other two to the desert. I can really be an asshole sometimes.

I took this picture of a stranded motorist, while whizzing by at around 80mph. A brief encounter with the native soil reminded me how important it is NOT to use a camera while driving at 80mph. Lesson learned.
Understanding how to operate your vehicle will save you many headaches in the desert. One booth visitor wrecked the drivetrain in his SUV, by using the 4wd inappropriately. Bummer! He had even painted 'BACK TO THE BOOTH!' and his URL on the back. So when he was at the booth, we would all know he was at the booth. "Hey! Look at me! I'm cool, too!!!"