high adventure in the high desert!

We brought along another Astrocam, in hopes of securing an aerial shot of the booth. Here's a shot looking south. The booth is just out of the frame at the bottom. No, really.

A fine desert landscape, but again no booth in sight. The rocket pretty much takes a random picture, so we were prepared for many many launches.
Just to ensure getting a booth photo with the rocket, I pointed it right at the booth and tripped the shutter myself. Please note that I did NOT fire the rocket at the booth (although I was sorely tempted).
We loaded more film and made more launches. After several potentially nice shots, we lost the rocket. We spent 45 minutes looking for it. One Cardhouse operative collapsed in despair and exhaustion.

This was the second Astrocam sacrificed to the booth. It's this guy's turn to buy the next one. Maybe that's why he's so upset.
Please note that a handsome reward is in order for the locator of our wayward Astrocam. It's roughly southwest of the booth, maybe 300 yards out. Happy hunting!