LRI Participants- all 14 of them. Thank you, participants. You comprise 5% of the 'sample' population of BurningMan attendees. Weak weak weak.

BurningMan is dead. 5% participation proves it. writes:

I picked up one of the little rubber indians in front
of a row of portapotties at 5:30 Jupiter, and brought
it home with me, because I was curious about the web

Now the little rubber indian, who I refer to as the
Little Plastic Man i picked up from Burning Man, is
lying on a book shelf, in front of stacks of CDs, in
Bernal Heights, San Francisco. I don't have a digital
camera but I will send a picture on my next roll of film.

Will you keep fellow little rubber indian companions
up to date on what happened to them? Maybe have some
statistics on where they ended up?

An anonymous participant chimes in:

My little indian is stuck in a little glass vase on my kitchen windowsill. It surveys its domain.

Mr. Bones <> tells us:

This is Death and his Maiden who received a L.R.I. wrapped in
his special blanket that let us into the "secret" page (it
was a rather cold BM this year so I understand why). You
took a picture of me and gave me the L.R.I. so I could get
in touch with you to get a JPG of the photo.

Our L.R.I. sends you his best wishes, and thanks you for
sending him on his "mission" into the world. He has crossed
great mountains and valleys to arrive in the village of
Woodland, CA. He is confused because there really is not
much wood here. He left the land of Black Rock on Monday,
Sept. 6 and spent the night in a village the white man calls
"Reno" inside a great dwelling called the "Hilton." The land
of Black Rock made much more sense to him than the events that
occured inside the structure, and he longed to return to the
desert. Now, he stands next to what the wide-eye calls the
"keyboard" and watches me press my fingers upon the object.
He will have many more adventures which he has made me promise
to keep you informed of.

Take care and write back soon,

Mr. Bones

Don <> writes:

My Friend Jesse and I went to Burning Man 99! It was my third year but his first. One evening while moving down the playa, the mobile living room cruised by him and tossed him a the little plastic indian! He, unfortunatly, does not have net access but should have it soon. He wanted me to send his thanks! We made a scan of him and his little plastic indian for you, and if you reply with an email address that I may send it to, I will do so! I am in the S.F. Bay Area, but Jesse and his little plasic friend will be living in L.A. Have a nice day!

Vince <> sends us this:

I left the little rubber indian on top of the vending machine
facing the setting sun for all to enjoy.

[Editor's Note: L-A-M-E-!]

 Fish Dreamer Girl <> reports:

 I was walking down Jupiter at about 2:30 when a man in a car passing by handed me a little rubber indian. He nestled safe in a big bag until we left Black Rock City on Monday morning.

Little rubber indian took a flight on a very big metal bird and has moved to Seattle. Picture of him overlooking Mt. Rainier from inside the Big Bird (yellow, even) to follow, when we find out where to send it. He now has a place of honor on the windowsill overlooking the oak tree, along with some bad examples of high school pottery. He has plans to watch some triathletes, visit New Jersey and maybe Hawaii, and generally have a good life.

  Don <> sends this photo-

etta cetera writes-

The Stiff One rests confortably after the 3 day journey from Black Rock City to Pittsburgh, Pa. He enjoyed many quiet evenings guarding our tENT at 5:00 and Mars...i kept trying to get him to come out with us but he said "NO...i must protect yo {TRUNCATED MESSAGE}

Sp4ce provides this update-

My L.R.I. ended up marooned in the "Dingo Shit" trading bin in front of the Dingo Parlor. When it came time to raze the Dingo Parlor I rescued the little rubber guy and re-located him to SF. Now he lives with my other monitor pets atop my NEC.

 Fish Dreamer Girl <> likewise brings us to speed with her LRI: (this is LRI passing Mt. Rainier)

Here you go. Thank you for all the fun!

Stuart Sands transmitted this veiled threat-

I have him. I have a picture. Let me know how to transmit the picture to you and a story will follow....

Sherri tells us-

My husband stepped on a Lil' Rubber Indian on the night of the burn, he handed it to me and I put it in a pocket and forgot all about it. We found it a few days ago, and checked out your site (Kewl idea!).'s like we were the "chosen" ones!

Fang sends in this cryptic 2-part message. Perhaps it would be less cryptic had I gotten all of the first part.

In his dream, he passed into my giant hand.
I had just cussed out the fake Larry Harvey,
and was thrown from the mobile platform.
He slept inside packs,
and under a dwindling heap of dust-covered artifacts,
until the week betwee {TRUNCATED MESSAGE}

My lover has bought an Ecuadoran plant whose common name is "Purple Fang." I think I will be the namesake of that plant.

annabellachickabonita left this titillating message-

So, the LRI has been languishing in a mouldering guacamole-green Stratomaster traincase since BRC. If I recall correctly, the LRI was thrown out of a car I was chasing. Harassing random passerby was one of my more obnoxious habits at Burningman '99.
The LRI has a sort of plaintive/confused look... I think his life since BRC has not been all he hoped. I hearby vow to remedy this: I declare that I will take him to the San Francisco sex clubs w/me. Perhaps his expression will be more in tune w/ his surroundings there.
Will update you as time goes on, I promise.

a late but pholosophical update on one LRI's fate:

i found mine yesterday when cleaning out my glove compartment. i put it in there hoping i'd get a bm'99 reminder sometime down the road. i got what i wanted! and i'm participating! other rubber indian recipients might have felt that any internet experience, or post-black rock desert experience, is just not their type of burningman participation.

another late but welcome response-

My room was a fucking nightmare, and I hadn't cleaned it since before BM. But this weekend I got a wild hair up my ass and picked up a bit. I found my special little rubber Indian in a clay jar with some matches and a broken handle from a window in a previous residence. I remember him now that I think about it. I think some one threw him at me and hit me with him. I feel pretty bad that I haven't been taking proper care of him (and I am a little embarrassed at some of the things he has probably seen). But now that I have found him, I promise to take good care of him. He lives in San Francisco in lower Haight now. I will keep you updated on how he is doing from time to time. Thank you for chosing me.

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