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Berkeley Map.

[EPS ZIP (74k)] Berkeley Map (top)
[EPS ZIP (74k)] Berkeley Map (bottom)

I don't know where I'm going with this one. This is a map of Berkeley California -- more specifically, a stripped-down version that just shows restaurants and other types of businesses. I originally wanted it to be just one page, but it's about two inches longer than that, which is why there's a "top" version and a "bottom" version at present (same graphic, shifted on the physical page). I'm still working on it -- I'll be adding more things, getting it to fit in a page, adding extra white border behind the black text so you don't get mutant phrases like "Wild Cats" etc. It's a good resource for out-of-town guests -- you can hand it to them and they can find the post office, ATMs, etc, without driving around aimlessly. I may mark my favorite places by filling in the little dots, add some more information on the right-hand side, etc. I'm that kind of guy. Suggestions/corrections are welcome.