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Wanted items. A short list.

Here I mean country maps, state maps, the globe, etc. If you're going to submit something in this category, I will only accept EPS files - I don't need someone to send me a photostatic copy of a map of Greenland. If you want to create an outline of a land mass with your favorite vector drawing program, the way to do it is to use a government map, because that's public domain.

Lines, borders, dots, geometrics, etc.
Just interesting specimens that could be used in a variety of ways. If someone wants to scan a Hostess cupcake, for example, I'll make an EPS file out of the icing design, even though I've already got something very similar up for grabs. If the icing isn't copyrighted, of course. It probably is. Anyway, things like that. Hand-drawn and released to public domain or pre-1938 (with source information).

A spiral.
Here I mean the classic "hypno-disc" spiral, where the black line is as thick as the white line. I would need this in EPS form, created out of a small set of curves - not out of ten thousand little lines (as I've done in the past by writing a very cheap and dirty Postscript program). One of these days I'll sit down and do the calculations to generate one. But I'd rather not if there's one floating out there, secretly hypnotizing us all. A hypno-disc spiral would come in handy for anyone interested in this page, for example.

A sign in Chicago.
There is a sign that appears in the Ginger Creek subdivision of a Chicago suburb named Oak Brook. It is an ideogram of a person vomitting into a trash can. I would like a picture of it. Here I would need (at best) a straight-on shot, second-best would be a picture with one degree of freedom (say, standing directly in front of the sign but shooting upward), etc. This makes it easier to convert to a usable vector format.

A sign near the US/Mexico border.
Though I have tried, many times, to get a good shot of the "CAUTION: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES" sign that appears near major highways next to the US/Mexico border, I have failed. See my anal-retentive guidelines for shooting pictures in the previous entry.