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Music For A Cheesy Party 2001mar29. Music For A Lovely Evening.

And of course, mere days after ranting about worthless estate sales, I hit a wonderful garage sale, filled with just the sort of nonsensical crap my lifestyle requires. Oversized nude playing cards, a free motel key from Reno, an electric golf game, etc, etc, and this 8-track tape.

I used to have a car that had an 8-track tape player. This was years after the format had died, but I still got dumb tapes for it, like old Beatles albums.

"Why don't we do it ... in the roooOOOO


... OOOooooadddd!"

One of these days I'll get one of those automobile record players (these actually exist).

A final note: whenever my collections break out to other mediums as in this case, it sort of gives me the willies. "Oh, good, now I have to root through every pile of 8-tracks that I see..." This quote is a misnomer, however. I comb garage sales. Every box is opened, regardless of what it indicates on the outside. I wouldn't have found a certain steel record you will learn about in the near future.