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Ga-Jol original halspastiller 2001feb28. Plysusinnep mustard. Iceland.

I'm trying out a new digital camera. I'll complain about it on another page. No room for complaining here, what with all the translationing I have to do.

Soosan bought this in Iceland. She liked it so much she (A) bought two (B) ran around the store with it, just like that hot dog guy.

Luckily, Intertran came through for me again:

sinnepsduft = mustard
sinnep = mustard
pylsa = hot dog
So PLYSUSINNEP = HOTDOGMUSTARD. And it is, it's a dijon-type mustard (not our wimpy American bizarro glowing mustard that scares foreigners and pets) with vinegar, spices, kartöflumjöl, and matarlitur, among other things. Interestingly, while "hot dog" translates to the Icelandic "pylsa", "hot" and "dog" by themselves translate to "heitur hundur". I guess it's sort of like the German "frankfurter" (which translates to "vinarpylsa" [whereas "frank" and "furter" translate to "hreinskilinn furter". I'll stop now]).

Yes, PYLSUSINNEP! Ask for it by name!