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Ga-Jol original halspastiller
Ga-Jol original halspastiller
Ga-Jol original halspastiller
Ga-Jol original halspastiller

2001feb26. Ga-jol mints/licorice/etc. Denmark.

What has happened to America? Where have all the straightforward well-designed packages gone? Why are the cold, cold countries constantly kicking our ass?

These are small packages that contain licorice-type candies. Small pills. The third package is apparently a still from Ga-jol's appearance in the 1932 Republic film feature Ga-jol Nights. The candies in this package are gray as well. Candies for depressed people.

These boxes also have a unique anti-tampering device. You peel off the top lid revealing the standard top recloseable box flap. It was sort of unnerving the first time, like someone was watching me behind a two-way mirror to gauge my reaction. "What the ... another top???"

Some of the packages feature quotes on the inside flap. I've pushed them through InterTran in the mistaken notion that this will help.

Den, der altid vil have det sidste ord, kommer snart til at tale med sig selv.
- Anonym

The, there forever [vil] orchard that last words, upcoming nearly to that talk to oneself.

At mennesker ønsker at føle sig betydningsfulde er et af de punkter, som i særlig grad adskiller dem fra dyrene.
- Dale Carnegie

That people hope that feel themselves [betydningsfulde] is a from they items, that to particularly grade is differentiating they from the animals.

Den, der aldrig begår dårskaber, er ikke så fornuftig, som han selv tror.
- Francois de la Rochefoucauld

The, there never commit [dårskaber], aren't so sound, that he himself think.

Hvis du har noget for i morgen, så kør forsigtigt i dag.

Of which you've anything by tomorrow, so [kør] carefully today.

I couldn't agree more. I kør carefully every day.

Contributed by soosan

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