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There's still a little bit of humanity showing in the Canadian version of Kit Kat label.

"Faites la pause" - stop fate.


2002jan22. re: canadian kit kat label - "faites la pause" ain't "stop fate" but "take a break" (literally "make a pause"). nice idea though, that one could conquer the flow of the universe, armed with an almost cookie-biscuit and some third-rate chocolate!

-- mrcaryboy

2001jul01. mis-information on #13? the canadian kit kat? the writing on the label "faites le pause"? means.... "give me a break". not, "stop fate" ...

give me a break,give me a break, break me off a piece of that kitkat bar... which happens to be the american kitkat slogan also give me a break ....puh-lease :)

-- wonuvakine

2001jun28. "Faites la pause" I'm pretty sure it means "take a break..." It's one of those Canadian French vs. Continental French things

-- mat

2001jun11. hi!

checked out your package design section. tres kool! but... i don't want to pretend to be an expert at the French language, but i do believe that in the seven years of french education that i have received "faites la pause" has always been translated as "take a break" (faites=take, la=the, pause=break), like the american kit-kat slogan. i am pretty sure that it doesn't mean "stop fate", since the french word for fate (destination or fatalite or maybe destinee) does not appear in the line.

-- sanne