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2000dec24. You may be asking yourself what tiny comical dinosaurs are doing knocking down the bubbly. I don't know. I have no idea what this package is for, what was inside, etc. It's only an inch on a side, so either it's those anti-drunk tablets, or some unrelated candy bits.

Either way, cute drinking dinosaurs wearing bow ties always make me feel warm inside.

Mail from Mister Pants.

That's soda-flavored gum, pappy.

Pink word: soda.
Blue words: maaburu fuusen gum = marble balloon gum = marble bubble gum

Not sure why marble ... but i think i've seen that other places as well.

Thank you, Mr. Pants. I am taking a "wild" guess that "marble" means that the bubble gum is in a pleasing round shape, similar to marbles, except tastier. Like the colorful dots that surround our two natty prehistoric friends.