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i like parrots they are pretty


2001mar30. Parrot Luncheon Meat + Contest Which Is Over.

[extra credit: funny caption here]

Parrot Luncheon Meat + Contest.

2003oct16. The Remind Me What The Joke Was About The Parrot Luncheon Meat Contest is over. The winner is Troy Who Has No Last Name. His entry below economizes word count while simultaneously providing intense amounts of jocularity.

Parrot Luncheon Meat ...

The text "Serving Suggestion" appears directly below the parrot.

Troy will receive a very old can of Parrot Luncheon Meat from Cardhouse in the next few years if the email address still works. I'm liking the idea of an extremely lengthy contest, like one that accepts submissions for forty years. So there you are, on your deathbed, and a coke-addled morning DJ (but I repeat myself) bursts into the hospital room and screams "YOU'RE GOING TO MAUI!" Priceless.

The original contest entry text appears below, properly archived for historians and librarians.

There was a joke here, but now I can't remember what it was. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the parrot. Perhaps someone can remind me.


Win the luncheon meat possibly eaten by astronauts who walked on the moon. Your entry will consist of anywhere from one to ten thousand words comprising a very special humorous/twisted "written snapshot" of Parrot Luncheon Meat. Winners will receive one (1) can of Parrot Luncheon Meat plus other unspecified goodies. Upon prize acceptance, Cardhouse Management & Properties GmbH will not be held responsible for anything involving Parrot Luncheon Meat, the consumption thereof, or anything, ever.