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ding burp Out of my way, I've got a fruity TIN CAR

2001mar30. Indian Bharatiya 707 Car.
Fa sport Deo Spray Active Sport body with Twinings tea roof

This sweet, sweet chariot has been constructed out of discarded metal cans and tins by molding them into a pleasing car-like shape. The wheels are also fabricated in this fashion (they do look strikingly like bottle caps, though).

The vehicle is labelled "Not a Toy!" and "For Collectors Only" (I think it's a more succinct phrase than "usually kids don't play with things that have horrifically sharp edges") and was made in India, then sold in America for the staggering sum of $1.95.

Because it's all chopped up, you can only read part of the product's spiel.

Lightly smoked fine Chin

Fa sport Deo Spray Active Sport" - the exhilarating, ... ingredients are gentle to your skin and a l... spraying. Pressured container, do not expose ... burn, even when empty. Do not spray toward ... henkel cosmetic Düsseldorf, W. Germ

Wouldn't it be a corker if these things were created by child labor? See, 'cause I'm an adult, and ... the kid, see, built this and ... globalization ... anyway.

I bought three of 'em. Here's the best one from the bunch.

No, you get out of my way! [segue into musical number]

Taft Maximum Hold Styling Lacquer body with Nescafe Classic roof

I love these things. They look like art cars.

Here's the box the car came in.

You must ... listen ... to me ...

Those ... eyes ... must ... look away ... What's that, Sanjit? You have ... a special message for us???

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