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This really isn't a found photo per se, but there's a nice story behind it, so screw YOU if you don't appreciate it. During my early twenties, I worked as a summer intern for the equalization department. Every summer there was a crew of six college-types who had to go take pictures of every house in a specified town (for tax purposes, HELLO? Equalization?). They gave us cameras. They gave us cars. They gave us minimum wage. You figure out the rest. After a productive day of driving around aimlessly, taking mammoth lunch breaks and filming plotless Super-8 movies, we'd come back to office drudgery. The photos we took were replacing older black and white photos - some over ten years old. One of the crew members (Matt) started replacing all the photos for a certain street, up and down the block. These particular photos were from 1973. Matt noticed something weird about the photos as he flipped through each file folder. First, a shopping cart appeared in front of a house. The next photo had the shopping cart. And the next, and the next, in every picture for two blocks. And we thought WE were screwing around - whoever did this made us look like rank amateurs. Later Matt ended up taking over a dozen pictures with curious neighborhood kids posing in the yards of each house, restoring our collective glory.

One day, maybe, if you're real good, I'll tell you about the repeated wacky mix-ups with po|lice cri|me sc|ene photos.