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Welcome to the Cardhouse Gallery of Found Photos Mega-Mix (radio mix).

You will be using the cute little arrows above to navigate through the detritus. If you've never been through here, hit the right-arrow button to start. There are ten pictures. These are my favorites from a larger set that I have turned over to Royal Journal as part of my work-release program.

I am no longer accepting the found photos, but Royal Journal is.

Some of the captions and pictures got shuffled around in the move and I liked 'em so much I left 'em.

If you've already seen the found photos, there are two new ones here and also here and that will be all of them and that is the end. Especial "thank you"s to everyone who sent in found photos or commented on them or bought a nice hat today.

If you've enjoyed Found Photos, you'll surely enjoy the rarely-updated Cardhouse Deck O' Junk.

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Also, Portland's "The Rocket" weekly has a column called "Found It!" which consists of found letters and such.